Book Review: Monsters Enjoy Fairy Tales Too by Jason Prowell

Monsters Enjoy Fairy Tales Too by Jason Prowell

Favorite-Trade (February 1, 2018)

Children’s Book/Bedtime & Dreaming



The title of the book is “Monsters Enjoy Fairy Tales Too” and it tells of a little monster that sneaks inside a boy’s room at night just in time for his favorite story. The little monster listens attentively as the boy’s mother reads the story of the knight who bravely fights a dragon. It reminded the monster of his own mother who also reads him stories and tucks in bed to sleep. The book gives a whole new twist to storytelling and in changing the way children feels about monsters especially the ones hiding in their closet or under the bed. Instead of making you scared of monsters, it makes children see monsters as friendly and cuddly creatures. The book teaches of friendship and forging a lasting one with an unexpected friend. It is a remarkable book for storytelling especially in instilling good behavior and the importance of friendship in children, showing how friends come in different shapes and sizes.


I bought the eBook version. I think children will benefit more from the print version (but I think that with ALL children books 😊 ) The illustrations in this picture book are colorful and adorable. The story is cute and has a good plot but unfortunately, some of the rhymes don’t work and seem awkward. I think young children will still enjoy the book.


 Jason Prowell is a famous author, beloved by children. Jason Prowell wrote a lot of delightful fairy tales and stories. Lots of educative lessons for children are demonstrated in his books. The main purposes of Jason Prowell writing were to bring up kindness in children and encourage them to value what they have.


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