Book Blitz w/Review: A Merciful Secret by Kendra Elliot


Mercy Kilpatrick Series (book 3)

Publisher: MontLake Romance (January 16, 2018)

Pages: 332

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Mystery, Thriller, Suspense




A pair of ritual murders could expose Mercy Kilpatrick to something terrifying: her own past…

Raised off the grid by survivalists, Mercy Kilpatrick believed in no greater safeguard than the backwoods of Oregon. Unforgiven by her father for abandoning the fold for the FBI, Mercy still holds to her past convictions. They’re in her blood. They’re her secrets—as guarded as her private survival retreat hidden away in the foothills.

In a cabin near her hideaway, Mercy encounters a young girl whose grandmother is dying from multiple knife wounds. Hundreds of miles away, a body is discovered slashed to death in a similar way. The victims—a city judge and an old woman living in the woods—couldn’t be more different. With the help of police chief Truman Daly, Mercy must find the killer before the body count rises. Mercy knows that the past has an edge on her. So does her family. How can she keep her secrets now…when they’re the only things that can save her?





(by John Kurtze)

A MERCIFUL SECRET is the third book in Kendra Elliot’s Mercy Kilpatrick Series.  Mercy is Special Agent with the FBI continues her efforts to reestablish her roots in her hometown of Eagle’s Nest, Oregon.  Elliot provides her readers with details of her background including information of her family of survivalists.  The author spends time explaining the efforts made by Mercy to embrace her life of a successful FBI agent and her interest in adopting specific areas of her former survivalist life.  Elliot adds additional information about Mercy as the storyline progress.

The author immediately builds suspense and intrigue in the storyline with two murders of non-related victims murdered on the same day in a similarly brutal manner.  One of the killings a woman suspected to be a witch and in a town one hundred miles away from the second murder of a Federal Judge.  Elliot keeps adding twists and turns on each page surprising her readers with direction changes and new clues as to what is going to unfold next.  Mercy joins forces with Police Chief Truman Daly to investigate the murders following the leads hoping to find some connection between the two victims.  Elliot surprises her readers with the appearance of characters FBI Agent Ava McLean from her Callahan and McLean Series and Michael Brody from her Bone Secrets Series.  The pace of the storyline increases as readers turn each page looking to find answers to their questions.

The storyline takes time to cover some of the personal parts of Mercy’s life including her efforts to rebuild relationships with her family and details of the ongoing romance developing between Truman and Mercy.  Readers learn additional information on the growth of all of the essential characters including backstory information to help her fans understand the unfolding action.   Readers will have to pay close attention to the clues to find out some of the secrets Mercy uncovers.  Kendra Elliot’s, A MERCIFUL SECRET delivers a suspenseful thriller with a dramatic ending that requires all of Mercy and Truman’s knowledge and skills to find the identity of the murderer.  Elliot’s new release is must read and earns a five-star ranking.


Kendra Elliot has landed on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list multiple times and is the award-winning author of the Bone Secrets and Callahan & McLane series and the Mercy Kilpatrick novels. Kendra is a three-time winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award, an International Thriller Writers finalist, and an RT Award finalist. She has always been a voracious reader, cutting her teeth on classic female heroines such as Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, and Laura Ingalls. She was born, raised, and still lives in the rainy Pacific Northwest with her husband and three daughters but looks forward to the day she can live in flip-flops.



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