Book Review: Life Changes by Jim McDonald

Life Changes by Jim McDonald

Thoughts into Poetry

The 2nd Poems

J2B Publishing LLC; 2 edition (October 13, 2017)

Literature & Fiction/Poetry



‘Life Changes’ is a book of poetry and is in the same style as my first book of poetry, ‘Twilight to Son Shine.’ The poetry explores my life changes, beginning with the death of my father, my slide into drinking and drugging, and eventual rescue from the quagmire of it all. It’s a collection of poems for everyone who’s going through rough times and think they’ll never make it through. Don’t give up, there is a way out.






This book is about illness, death, bad decisions, struggles with drugs & alcohol, and ultimately growth. The core of it all is to show that no matter how far one falls, the mistakes do not have to be what defines them. McDonald’s words are filled with loss, hope, recovery, pain and healing with an emotional impact as you see his struggles through his eyes. Two of my favorite poems are Father’s Day, and Just Me Again. A fun one is a Free Verse Poem. A collection of poems for everyone who’s going through rough times and think they’ll never make it. You can make it. You will make it. Included are the authors own photographs which adds a little extra special to this book.

From sad story:

 “we have a sad story

My poetry tells mine

No reason rhyme or glory

Life still turned out fine.”



71lgM+xqtEL._SY200_  Jim “The Houseboat Poet” McDonald has been a Southern Maryland resident since 1965. In 1989, he turned towards Jesus and away from the drinking and drugs that had characterized his life for seventeen years. He lives on his houseboat, floating up and down with the tide, writing about life from the waterline. He is finally fulfilling a life-long dream of becoming a poet and writer.




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