Book Review: Flowers with Love by Mirissa Snow

Flowers with Love by Mirissa Snow

The Billionaire’s Love Series: The Hamilton’s, Book 1

May 30, 2017

Contemporary Romance

Flowers with Love Kindle Book Cover


Zane Hamilton was not looking for love. He was in the process of taking over his families company and that was all he was concentrating on. Little did he know, behind his back hi mom was setting him up to meet the one woman who would bring him to his knees. Piper Linland was loving her job. She owned a florist called Flowerworks and that was all she had time for at the moment. One day she would love to find love and live a long and happy life, but she had other things in front of that. Little did she know that her favorite customer and biggest supporter was setting her up behind her back. When Zane meets Piper for the first time he was blown away. He felt something that he had never felt before and that scared him into running and hiding his feelings. It takes one moment of Piper getting hurt for all of his walls to come crashing down. Will Piper give him another chance to prove himself, or is it too late?


Flowers with Love is Mirissa Snow’s book debut. The title is perfect for this story as its two of the main highlights of the book – flowers and love.  Conversations just didn’t flow for me and I lost a bit of interest throughout. There was a bit of repeating and seemed like a lot of talking and not much setup or descriptions. I do think that this book is geared for young adults. Overall, a likeable plot, a good size family of characters to enable more books in the series. There is a big emphasis on family and their love for one another. I did like that the characters were all self-employed and go-getters. You get introduced to the next books characters and I’m going to check that book out.

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Mirissa Snow is a lover of fantasy, action, and mystery, romance infused stories with twists you don’t see coming. She loves to read, but her passion is writing romance with a HEA. She is a new author but working everyday to add new books to be read.







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