Book Review: Taunted By A Killer by Riley McKissack

Taunted By A Killer by Riley McKissack

Men of the Badge Series Book 3

May 8, 2014

Mystery, Thriller, Suspense/ Women Sleuths




Second time romance? Or second chance at heartache? Will Cassie and Forrester have their second chance at love? If she survives the serial killer who sets fires around his victims, then she can face the fire ravaging her heart. The fire that once burned her badly. A killer stalks Atlanta, murdering women. Cassie is drawn into the circle of death through the alerting texts of tipsters. Is it the killer contacting her, pulling her ever closer? Will she be his next victim? Forrester may have lost Cassie’s love, but he’s determined that she won’t die at this monster’s hands.






(Reviewed June 9, 2014)

This is a romantic-suspense series based in Georgia. Taunted by a Killer is my favorite so far in the series. This book kept me in suspense and was hard to put down. This is book 3 in the A Men of the Badge Novels but you can read this book as a stand-alone.


Riley McKissack has worked for many years as a journalist. Cornered gunmen, cop killers, a bomb going off in a domestic terrorism incident, Riley has covered it all. Riley has spent years chasing stories involving every type of bad guy and cop imaginable, including FBI, Homeland Security, homicide detectives and arson investigators. Riley sponged up the drama, tension and danger on SWAT operations, hostage negotiations, drug busts and countless other dangerous situations. That passion and drama spills out onto the pages of Riley’s novels, along with the personal stories behind the men and women who stand between danger and the people they love.




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