Release Blitz with Review: Beneath the Surface by Reina Torres

Beneath the Surface by Reina Torres

Grayslake: More Than Mated

Kindle World Novella (August 22, 2017)

Kindle World/Romance/Romance Comedy/Novella/Shifters



The last thing Grace wanted to do was form attachments. Travis was looking for a new hometown, but the minute he met her… he knew that home wasn’t a place, it was her. He just had to convince her that what they have was worth sticking around for. Grace Howard was excited to return to her childhood home in Grayslake, Georgia to visit her Aunt and Uncle. Living in the Arizona desert, watching her mom’s long line of boyfriends come and go, she has always dreamed of returning to the sultry days and balmy nights for one last visit before she sets off to see the world and forge her own future far away from relationships. Grace knows that forever doesn’t happen, not to her, and living in one place would be an exercise in frustration. Travis Owen was looking for a home. Struggling with the clan politics in his hometown, he’s looking for somewhere to settle. Waiting to meet the Itan of Grayslake, he sees a curvy beauty get off the bus with a suitcase in tow. Both sides of him took notice, but he breaks a rule and there’s a price he’ll have to pay. Travis has to decide what’s more important to him, his instinctual need for this woman, or keeping his hide intact. With his bear riding him hard, he finds out that the dominant power in his life just might not be the command of an Itan, it just might be his heart. Can Travis convince Grace that the adventure she craves is a life with him, or will she leave him when he needs her the most?



“A fated mate is the other half of a whole. No one loses anything, but they have everything to gain.”

I am not a huge fan of paranormal/shapeshifter/fantasy stories, but I do read them occasionally. So, when an author I love comes out with such a book, I go for it. Beneath the Surface is a bear shifter romance. The two main leads have an immediate connection with sexual tension between them. They both want different things out of life; Grace is ready to hit the road and explore, does not believe in forever love, and is afraid to commit and lose herself. Travis is escaping a shifter civil war in his hometown.  He is ready to settle down, find his mate, and have cubs/children. When these two met, there is an immediate connection with sexual tension that gets hotter as the book goes on. A fun, smoking hot read. Good characters, good story flow, drama, and romance.




Love – Romance – Books Aren’t they all the same thing? Oh, I sure hope so! I’ve been reading romance books for what seems like forever. When I was a teen, the days that I wasn’t in dance class after school I’d go to the mall to wait for my mom to finish work for the day and my haunt of choice… Waldenbooks. (I think I just showed my age there.) Whether it was Scottish Lairds, Medieval Knights, Regency Gents, Rough and Tumble Cowboys, or handsome modern Heroes, I loved them all! There was always another hero and heroine to follow through page after page of breathless love! I really hope that my readers will enjoy some of the same thrills as discover characters to love between the pages of my books.







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