Book Review: Swampoodle by DP Curran

Swampoodle by DP Curran

A Philadelphia Noir Novel

Mystery,Thriller,Suspense/Organized Crime

287 pages

Published: March 2, 2017



Our story begins leading up to the Easter Rising in Ireland. Seamus O’ Suileabhain, having Americanized his name to James Sullivan, escapes to America with an English bounty on his head. Aided and mentored by Anegus O’Boyle, a master of disguise and the most feared man in Ireland and the British Isles. James takes up a life of crime, under the protection of the O’ Boyles, who are shielded by politicians at the highest level, including in Center City, Philadelphia. Marriage to Bridget O’Boyle leads to raising a familly in the Irish section of North Philadelphia, known as Swampoodle, where James works for his “American Sponser,” Liam Donnelly. And under the guise of a construction foreman, James emerges as one of the most brutal and effective enforcers of the underworld in Philadelphia and Atlantic City. Our novel then focuses on a power shift during the beginning of what would be the boon of Prohibition. This saga plays out with the understanding of James Sullivan’s eventual return to Ireland, to settle a personal score with the English Captain, known as, “The Lion”. A story of assimilation, crime, loyalty, and the power of an unshakable bond between husband and wife, James and Bridget Sullivan…



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“Trust no man, except yourself and your own judgement..from this day forth.”

Well written story and characters that are brought to life at the writing of DP Curran. An intriguing read of Swampoodle (the Irish Immigrant section of N. Philadelphia, PA) and what life was like for the Irish during this time period.  James/Seamus is ruthless but reasonable with excellent judgement. I loved the intense and devoted relationship he has with his wife, Bridget. He was a man who protected and oversaw Swampoodle. A man loved by his friends and respected by his enemies. Swampoodle is an excellent crime period piece. DP Curran is currently editing the screenplay and I cannot wait to see it on the big screen. I’m also hoping there is a sequel in the near future.


Daniel Patrick Curran is an American Novelist. He was born and resides in Philadelphia,PA. Not bound by a specific genre, DP Curran touches on the grey areas of life. Delving into the depths of the human condition with authentic realism. The reader is taken on a journey that leaves them waiting for the next.



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