Release Blitz with Review: Too Far Gone by Christy Reece



Too Far Gone by Christy Reece

A Grey Justice Novel (Book 3)

Publisher: Christy Reece (July 27, 2017)

Mystery, Thriller, Suspense/Romance





Some obsessions can be deadly

Gabriella Mendoza has lived her life in seclusion. Guarded by the most corrupt men in the world, she has no chance for escape until an unexpected meeting with the mysterious Grey Justice Group changes everything. Gabriella is free for the first time in her life, but is that freedom all a lie? Vengeance is Jonah Slater’s only purpose. Finding the man who killed his fiancée and making him pay is his only goal. Babysitting the pampered princess of a crime boss is not part of his agenda. But the more he gets to know Gabriella, the more he realizes that protecting her might be the most worthwhile thing he’s ever done. They thought they knew the threats, believed they were contained. Jonah and Gabriella soon learn that evil has varying degrees and many faces. And very often, the deadliest is the one you never see coming.



“Evil has varying degrees and many faces. And very often, the deadliest is the one you never see coming.”

When I open a Christy Reece book I know I’m in for a treat. She consistently delivers quality novels that immediately draw you in and life around you does not exist until you’ve read the last word. I know that I’m going to be entertained the entire book and by the end there’s a smile for the HEA and usually a shocked look on my face by what Christy has just done. Christy creates the most vile and twisted villains. She writes strong women characters (and men too) who fight fierce and love just as fierce. Too Far Gone is action-packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Just when you think you know the ending and how it’s going to wrap up, you get a twist you would never see coming. Intriguing read with likeable and developed characters. Christy does a great job weaving high-action suspense with romance. I often fall in love with Christy’s leading men and Jonah is no exception. He is strong, gruff, stubborn, as well as a kind and caring protector with a big heart. Gabby is has had a real shitty life and she could have become a useless wallflower. Christy instead made her a badass warrior full of courage with a need to experience life and independence. Gabby has become a favorite character of mine. To Far Gone is a fantastic addition to the Grey Justice series. I highly recommend this book as well as all of Christy’s books (Grey Justice series, LCR series, LCR Elite series, and her Wildefire series written as Ella Grace).

Review by Lisa Reigel









Grey Justice Series:

Justice isn’t always swift or fair and only those who have felt the excruciating pain of denied justice can truly understand its bitter taste. But justice delayed doesn’t have to be justice denied. Enter the Grey Justice Group, ordinary citizens swept up in extraordinary circumstances. Led by billionaire philanthropist, Grey Justice, this small group of operatives gain justice for victims who have been let down by the law.

Book 1:  Nothing To Lose

Book 2:  Whatever It Takes

Book 3:  Too Far Gone

Book 4:  A Matter of Justice (Release TBD)



51CGp315+wL._SY200_  NYT Bestselling Author Christy Reece lives in Alabama with her husband and a menagerie of fur-kids. When she’s not writing, reading, or daydreaming, she enjoys going to the movies or cooking the occasional (really simple) meal. Christy loves spending time with her family, is an avid football fan, and a great believer in love conquering all. Christy’s books feature sexy alpha males, smart, courageous women, evil villains, plenty of steam and sizzle, action, adventure, and always a happy ending. There are ten books in her award winning Last Chance Rescue series, Rescue Me, Return To Me, Run To Me, No Chance, Second Chance, Last Chance, Sweet Justice, Sweet Revenge, Sweet Reward, and Chances Are. The LCR Elite series, a spin-off of her Last Chance Rescue series, includes Running On Empty, Chance Encounter, Running Scared, and Running Wild. The Grey Justice romantic suspense series features a small, secretive group of dedicated individuals who help victims of crime seek justice. There are three books in the series, Nothing To Lose, Whatever It Takes, and Too Far Gone. A Matter of Justice,  release is TBD. Christy has also written a steamy, southern suspense series under the pen name, Ella Grace. The Wildefire series consists of three books: Midnight Secrets, Midnight Lies, and Midnight Shadows.








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