Book Review: The Graves by Pamela Wechsler

THE GRAVES by Pamela Wechsler

Pages: 336

Publisher:  Minotaur Books (May 2, 2017)  

Genre: Mystery Thriller Suspense- Police Procedurals



Abby Endicott, the chief of the District Attorney’s homicide unit in Boston, returns in the heart-racing follow-up to Mission Hill. Things are looking good for Abby: she’s top pick to be the next District Attorney, and her musician boyfriend Ty has moved in, despite her upper crust family’s objections. But a serial killer is on the loose, and with two college-aged girls dead and another missing, time is running out. When the sons of a prominent government official are linked to the murders, Abby pushes back, stopping at nothing to find justice for the girls. This time, the killer could be right under her nose, and she may be the next victim.

In The Graves, former prosecutor turned television writer Pamela Wechsler delivers a tense and enthralling Boston-set thriller about the intersection of power, privilege, and justice.


THE GRAVES is a fast-moving murder mystery with action on every page.  The protagonist is Abby Endicott who is a hands-on prosecutor for Boston District Attorney’s office. The author provides her readers with Abby’s backstory including details of her difficult family relations.  Abby is passionate about her work creating her set of rules and guidelines that do not always mesh with family, friends, and her boyfriend Ty. Wechsler introduces support character homicide detective Kevin Farnsworth, who works with Abby in the murder investigations.

The storyline’s momentum increases at the turn of each page as the author introduces several subplots adding to the complexity of the developing mystery.  Abby finds she is getting pressure from many individuals, including the district attorney and the Governor, to go against what she wants to accomplish. She thinks they are making unrealistic demands for her to change suggesting she give up her independence.   Readers meet several support characters and learn their history the roles they play when Wechsler brings each character into the story.

Wechsler keeps providing additional insights focusing on that makes Abby tick as a prosecutor as she prepares for a difficult trial.  She keeps adding twists and turns to action keeping readers on their toes to keep up with events as the investigation unfolds.  The author provides readers with insight into what Abby is thinking as her personal life seems to be unraveling.  THE GRAVES delivers a plot dealing with the intensity of a murder investigation and criminal trial.  Abby comes alive showing a character who is a strong independent woman. The author keeps developing the suspense and intrigue all the way to her dynamic ending.  A must read for those who enjoy action and surprises.

Review by John W. Kurtze




B1PhAUoMbyS._UX250_  PAMELA WECHSLER spent over fifteen years working as a criminal prosecutor at the local, state and federal levels. She has served as an assistant district attorney and assistant attorney general in Boston, and she was a trial attorney for the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. She has investigated and prosecuted a wide variety of crimes, including: murder, witness intimidation, sexual assault, drug trafficking, stock market manipulation, and political corruption. Pam has worked as a producer, writer, and legal consultant for numerous network television shows. Her credits include: Law and Order; Law and Order: Criminal Intent; Law and Order: Trial by Jury; Conviction; Canterbury’s Law; Doubt; and Bull. Pam grew up in the Boston area and is a graduate of Tufts and Boston University School of Law. She is the author of Mission Hill and The Graves.






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