Release Blitz with Review: The Littlest Hunter: The Journey Begins by John W Kurtze



The Littlest Hunter Series by John W. Kurtze

The Journey Begins

Children’s Chapter Book (hard cover)

Publisher: John W. Kurtze (June 19, 2017)

Children’s Book/Action Adventure/Humorous/Fiction/Animals/Juvenile Fiction



It was a long time ago when the Hunter Family decided to leave Boston, Massachusetts, to begin a new life in Northern Kentucky. JB Hunter, his big sister Mila, and his parents are traveling west across the frontier to an old fort and trading post along the Ohio River. The Hunter’s are looking forward to building their new cabin, close to family and the old fort and trading post. Trading the bustling life of a big city for the rivers and mountains of Kentucky is sure to be a thrilling adventure.

The entire family is excited for the move, especially JB. For as long as he can remember, JB has loved animals. He is eager to explore the forest. Will the animals in the forest be friendly? What other discoveries will JB find in the forest?

Join the Hunters as they travel west to Northern Kentucky in The Journey Begins. What secrets and surprises do the forest hold? Learn how JB meets the animals of the forest. Explore the forest with JB and his new found friends. Can they find answers to the secrets of forest? What will their reaction be when they meet the Littlest Hunter? Discover the incredible and surprising adventures of The Littlest Hunter: The Journey Begins.






In your hands, you have a high-quality book. From the words, to the paper the words are printed on, to the beautiful illustrations, you know you’re in for a treat. A special children’s story, written to appeal to two to eight-year old’s. There are stopping points which will benefit the younger children who can’t stay focus long and/or won’t make it through the whole story in one sitting. Written to encourage thoughts and discussion. Children will experience the adventures involving a young boy who communicates with animals. Promotes life lessons and caring for one another. As a former early childhood educator, this would be a perfect book which I would build a curriculum around. The Journey Begins is a wonderful start to the adventures of the Hunter Family and the Littlest Hunter. I eagerly await further adventures with Little JB and the animals.

Reviewed by Lisa Reigel


The Littlest Hunter: The Journey Begins When my children were young, a tradition began in our family of building stories together. I sat on the edge of their beds and on some nights we would forego reading one of their books and create an interactive story together. The purpose for doing so was to foster and develop each child’s imagination. I would ask them, “What should happen in the story tonight?” and they would tell me what direction the story would go. The stories always involved the Hunter Family, they could add different animals, new characters, or even a monster, to the story. The possibilities were endless. Now, after many years of prompting by my children and grandchildren, I have taken the best of our collective family storytelling and put the adventures of the Littlest Hunter and his family in print.

Father is a carpenter, Mother is a schoolteacher, and their daughter, Mila, is big sister to the central character –Little JB. He has an inquisitive nature that prompts him to ask many questions. The first story describes the journey of the Hunter family as they resettle from the east coast to northern Kentucky. They plan to join family and friends who are establishing a new community around Fort Hunter, an old trading post that was named after one of their relatives. JB’s ability to talk to animals and how he came to be known as The Littlest Hunter will be revealed by the end of the first book. As the series continues, each adventure will detail timeless and easy to grasp life lessons experienced by the animals of the forest and The Littlest Hunter.



john  John W. Kurtze is the author of the Littlest Hunter Series. Born in Oak Park, Illinois he has lived in the Midwest all his life. He is an avid reader of all genres. While he enjoys a good mystery or historical fiction, he favors telling and reading children’s stories to his grandchildren. In addition to his reading, he writes reviews for many authors in the United States, England, and Australia. John is an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (scbwi). His reviews can be found on Authors On The Air Global Radio Network’s Book Review Crew, Goodreads, NetGalley, and Amazon.

After retirement and with the urging his family, he decided to bring to life the bedtime stories he has been telling his children and grandchildren for years. The Littlest Hunter Series is the result of that effort. He and his wife currently live in Chicago, Illinois.

Contact: John W. Kurtze  at  



Illustrator: Angeline Beres

From the time Angeline Beres was a small child, her artistic abilities were apparent. Whether it was painting, writing, or drawing, her creativity found an outlet. Although she considers herself to be primarily self-taught, art is, and has always been, a fundamental part of her life.


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