Book Review: The Meat Lover’s Slow Cooker Cookbook by Jennifer Olvera

The Meat Lover’s Slow Cooker Cookbook by Jennifer Olvera

Hearty, Easy Meals Cooked Low & Slow

December 2016 Sonoma Press



Variety of recipes covering beef, pork, lamb, poultry, fish & seafood, vegetables, sides & dips, broths, stocks, & sauces. Only thing I found lacking that others might like to have included is there are no nutritional information or calorie counts. I like that it offered a recipe index as well as an index. It has the serving count, prep time, and cook time. Ingredient lists are clearly stated. Recipes directions are easy to follow. Nice size book (I received the paperback version) and it’s easy to read. Family favorite recipes as well as new to me recipes. They all seem very easy to prepare, use basic ingredients and  spices & herbs that are usually on hand. The author also explains options and benefits of slow cookers (size, shape, & features), to pre-brown meat or not, some dishes that aren’t ideal for long cooking (ie rice, pasta, tender cuts like beef or pork tenderloin, delicate veggies), choosing the cuts of meat to use for your slow cooker. I love homemade meals from scratch and the slow cooker allows me to prepare those meals without spending tons of time in the kitchen.


The Meat Lover’s Slow Cooker Cookbook for meals featuring delicious, tender meat―even on your busiest days.

For years, food writer and recipe developer Jennifer Olvera dedicated her weekends to making stovetop meals for the week―until the slow cooker revolutionized her weeknight dinners. She began converting her favorite recipes to the slow cooker and found herself being asked for those recipes again and again.

In The Meat Lover’s Slow Cooker Cookbook Jennifer has handpicked her most-requested recipes that will surely become mainstays in your home, too. This slow cooker cookbook offers:

  • VARIETY―From sliders and stews to roasts and ribs, more than 100+ thoughtfully selected family slow cooker recipes cover a wide range of meaty mainstays
  • FLEXIBILITY―Spend a little extra prep time to achieve the deepest flavor, or skip the prep to get cooking right away
  • CUSTOMIZATION―Pair your protein with the perfect side―whether you’re craving nourishing greens or classic baked beans, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from
  • AFFORDABILITY―Let the slow cooker make edible magic of cheap cuts of meat

The Meat Lover’s Slow Cooker Cookbook is your complete resource for hearty slow cooker recipes that deliver the quality (and quantity!) that your family craves.


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