New Release: Miracle Guy by Harper Dell


Miracle Guy by Harper Dell

Love Bites: Christmas

Publication: (December 17, 2016)



Quick entertaining read. Characters are likable and relatable. Author did a good job of pacing the transition from Tess being a Christmas Grinch into finding the Christmas spirit.  Owen is definitely her Miracle Guy.



Owen doesn’t want to like Tess. She’s as prickly as those Christmas trees she sells. And what’s she doing selling them anyway? A truck full of Yuletide trees, a store filled with Christmas cheer and she acts as though she’d like to wake up on December 26th and have it all over and done with. Thing is, the woman is sexy as hell, like something out of a dream. A dream he could wake up from very happy. If it was up to Tess, there would be no Christmas. Nothing to waken those memories that are easier to keep buried. If she keeps pushing people away, she’ll be safe, right? No-one will be able to hurt her. All that bad luck that follows her at Christmas time might just go away. Only, how can she push someone away who doesn’t push back? Someone who is so ridiculously nice, so undeniably irresistible, he challenges all her preconceptions? Maybe, just maybe, if she lets those walls down, he could be her Miracle Guy, if only bad luck would stop shadowing her every step…





Owen said nothing. What could he say? He was the most easy-going, kindest guy she’d ever met and here she was, probably the most complicated bitch he’d ever laid eyes on. Perfect time to give him an out. She stood up. “So I’m going to go okay? I’m going to walk out of your life and you won’t have to deal with my baggage a minute longer.”

He kept hold of her hand and pulled her down. “No, it’s not okay.”

“Don’t you get it? I don’t let men get close. I have sex, that’s all. I don’t make love. I use words to hurt. I don’t communicate.”

Owen chuckled. That chuckle that vibrated through her body and managed to warm up all the bits she did her best to keep cold.

“You think this is funny?” She looked at him, horrified.

“I happen to enjoy irony. You’ve just communicated more to me than I’d guess you have to anyone in a long time.”

Tess did a double take. He was right. She had opened up to him. Hell, she’d practically bared her soul. What was it about this guy? He made things seem so easy. But they weren’t easy. She wouldn’t let them be. She… oh Lord she was melting. His lips were touching hers, the tip of his tongue gently running along the edges of her mouth, her own tiny nerves leaping to reach him. Then his tongue slipped through. The kiss became more insistent and she felt herself responding. She could drown in him. She could let herself drown in him and then she wouldn’t have to think. That was right. No thinking, no caring. Just pleasure.






Miracle Guy: Christmas is part of the Love Bites family of books. These fast-paced, standalone holiday romances offer that perfect bit of ‘me time’. Also in the Love Bites family is A Soldier’s Kiss: Fourth of July and Holding My Breath: Halloween.


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