Book Review: Veil of Shadows by Diana Marik


Veil of Shadows by Diana Marik (Book One of The Seven Deadly Veils Vampire Series)


I not a huge fan of paranormal novels but I flipping LOVED this book.

I was drawn immediately to the main characters of Veil of Shadows. There’s the sexy Valadon, who is the brilliant & powerful CEO of ValCorp and head of the New York City Vampires. Another sexy character vying for my attention is Valadon’s second in command, Remare. The brooding, loyal, and well-trained Remare will do whatever it takes to keep Valadon safe from their enemies. The female lead is Professor Miranda Crescent who has captured the attention & attraction of the two high ranking vampires as well as the physician of the vampires. She proves to be an intelligent and strong human who as she gets more involved in the vampire world, has caution & curiosity, but no fear. Along with Miranda and the vampires there is a world of Weres who have their own issues. There are a lot of characters to discover and they each have their personalities. (the author’s website has a bio of the main and secondary characters).

The author has carefully constructed this Vampire/Were/Human world with very descriptive characters & settings that you can imagine it being real. The characters are edgy, sexy, and intriguing. Her writing style drew me in and kept me fascinated; the suspense kept me on the edge waiting to see what would happen next. Veil of Shadows is fast paced and action packed. I highly recommend this book to fans of paranormal romance and romantic urban fantasy as well as those who are not a fan of that genre – you might, like me, become a fan.

Continuing series. This is book 1.

Paranormal/Vampires/ Romantic Urban Fantasy


Lord Valadon, CEO of ValCorp and leader of New York’s vampires, has become fascinated with Miranda Crescent, a human woman with powers only Elementals possess. As his enemies conspire against him, he becomes drawn to her, but knows any involvement with Miranda will only endanger her life because within the human population exists the Human Order of Light, a powerful hate group, who would see the eradication of the vampires. Miranda Crescent is an authenticator of rare works of art who isn’t afraid of danger. Her best friend is the Were Queen and her mentor is a vampire ancient. At first, resistive to Valadon’s charms, she will risk her life to bring him the information he needs to thwart his enemies. But Valadon’s second, the sexy and sarcastic Remare, believes Miranda is a member of the HOL working to destroy his lord. The chemistry between them quickly escalates as they search for those plotting against Valadon. Putting aside their distrust of each other, Remare and Miranda work hard to discover who is trying to murder the high lord. But Remare’s first loyalty is to his lord. He can’t allow himself to care for someone Valadon has marked as his own…or can he?

The Seven Deadly Veils Vampire Book Series overview:

Lord Valadon tries to live peacefully among humans in post-war NYC However, his enemies within the Vampire Nation and in the dreaded hate group, the Human Order of Light, make life challenging for him. Good thing he has his allies near him. Remare, Valadon’s trusted second in command, is cunning and lethal at searching out his enemies. With the help of the Torian Guard, Remare will hunt down and destroy those who would harm his lord. Also helping Valadon to protect his territory from his enemies is the Black Star Clan, the local pack of werewolves. Their leader, the Were Queen Lizandra, is one of Lord Valadon’s most powerful allies. Her Weres will prove invaluable in defeating enemies from within, as well as outside threats to Valadon and his business empire, ValCorp.

However, the mysterious leader of the HOL, known simply as The Regent, will use his extensive resources to create a toxin that will potentially destroy the vampires. Wealthy and powerful, his family history is centuries old and dedicated to destroying the vampires. Even his closest collaborators don’t know his true identity, only that he will stop at nothing in eradicating the vampire race from the planet.

Into the complicated and dangerous world of vampire politics comes Miranda Crescent, a human with extraordinary gifts that only Elementals possess. With her burgeoning control over the elements, she will also help defend those that Valadon holds most precious. But Valadon’s greatest weakness is his growing love for her. He will be challenged to find ways to protect her from his enemies, often having to make sacrifices his own people are unaware of. Amidst the dangers and intrigues of the vampire world, Miranda will bring a soul deep love that Valadon can’t resist. However, her love is not solely for the dark lord, but for other members of his house. Her relationship with Valadon’s nephew is precious to her, as is her friendship with ValCorp’s physician, but her growing attraction to Valadon’s second, Remare may be what ultimately destroys ValCorp.

Can love survive the coming darkness?

Find out with each installment of the Seven Deadly Veils Vampire Series.


 The Seven Deadly Veils Vampire Series

Book 1: Veil of Shadows (out now)

Book 2: Veil of Mists (coming January 2017)

Book 3: Veil of Darkness

Book 4: Veil of Secrets

Book 5: Veil of Death

Book 6: Veil of Blood

Book 7: The Final Veil 7The Final Veil

The Blue Veil, a novella, is coming Fall 2016



Diana Marik is the author of the romantic urban fantasy series, The Seven Deadly Veils. She grew up in New York City and has her MA in English literature from Hofstra University. A history buff, Diana loves discovering museums in whatever city she happens to be visiting. Her favorite spots to visit are in the American Southwest, but she considers New Orleans her home away from home. Diana is currently at work on her latest installment of the Seven Deadly Veils Vampire Series.

Be sure to check out her website:


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