Book Review: A Convenient Marriage by Maggie Tideswell


A Convenient Marriage by Maggie Tideswell (The Moragh Saga, Book 1)

A paranormal romance set in South Africa.


Paranormal with a romantic story woven in to keep me engaged. The author is creative with her writing and I especially loved the ghost aspect that she weaves throughout. Characters are developed and I felt for the “ghost” of Moragh with her pain and heartache. Couple of subplots and interesting and engaging secondary characters. The ghost of Moragh is featured prominently and I was enthralled with the owls. There are characters dabbling in the witchcraft and serious witches trying to figure out and fix what went awry. Out of my normal genre (paranormal is not one of my favorite types to read) but I am glad I gave this book a chance. I ended up enjoying it and found it a fun read.

I received a copy of this book from the author, but was not required to write a review or influenced in terms of my review.


A marriage of convenience, helpful fey friends, hidden agendas, and a haunting—can love blossom? Set in the beautiful winelands of the Southern Cape in South Africa, strange things start happening from the moment Holly accepts Joshua’s offer of marriage—in response to an advert placed in the newspaper by Holly’s ‘helpful’ friends. They meet for the first time on the steps of the chapel where they are to be married.

Holly has to solve a thirty-year-old mystery before the ghost that is haunting her will be at peace. Over and above everything that is taking place, Holly and Joshua do battle with her ex-husband over their two children, as well as Joshua’s fiancée who is not the least bit happy about his marriage to another woman and gets up to all sorts to show her displeasure.

Risky as the marriage between strangers is—is it possible for Holly and Joshua to fall in love?



Ghosts just can’t seem to leave her alone and she combines things that can’t be explained, sweaty bodies and rumpled beds in a way that will make your toes curl and your hair stand on end. Maggie just can’t do without perfume, coffee and the internet. She is nearly as passionate about food as she is about creating alpha heroes every woman will fall in love with, just as she does, every time. Maggie Tideswell is a South African author with a passion for romance. All over the world people are falling in love, even the birds and the bees are doing it.


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