Book Review: Playing With Fire by Reina Torres



Playing With Fire by Reina Torres showcases Roman Brady and Finley Thomas in the small town of St. Helena.  It’s not a smooth road for this friends to lover’s story. Finley left for college, got married, is now divorced and has returned to her hometown. Roman always loved her, but had also moved on and now has an ex-wife and an adorable little boy. He wants the whole thing-love, wife, a mother for his son. She fights her attraction to Roman; isn’t comfortable with kids, and is done with doing relationships. The characters are well developed & are realistic. I enjoyed the journey Roman & Finley took to come to their HEA. Finley’s character really had growth and I liked seeing her gain confidence. A funny, sexy read. I have not read any of the St. Helena Vineyard books (yet) and like that you’re not lost by not having done so. Characters from that series appear but do not take away from the story, just enhance it.


She swore off ‘True Love’ – He wants ‘Happy Ever After’ – How could this end badly? If Finley Thomas had big dreams, it was because of her best friend. She left her hometown behind to follow her dreams. When she returns to St Helena years later, determined to protect her shattered heart, she finds out she can’t hide for long. The first person to seek her out is the only one who ever made her feel safe and understood. The surprise is the emotional rush of coming face to face with her old best friend—and the scorching fire created by his touch. There isn’t anything that Fire Captain, Roman Brady can’t handle. When he isn’t out saving lives, he’s single-handedly raising his son, and sparking interest with the single ladies in town. Sadly, those sparks haven’t flared into love. But one look at Finley, his childhood crush who’s all grown up and as surprising as she is sexy, and he thinks his luck has changed—until she admits she’s done with men. Determined not to miss out on a chance with Finley—Roman sets out to prove that friends make the very best of lovers. Roman lost out on love in Be Mine Forever when Trey DeLuca swept Sara Reed off of her dancing shoes, but this is Roman’s turn to find happiness. Playing With Fire continues to explore the sun dappled vineyards and groves of St. Helena after the conclusion of Marina Adair’s amazing romance series. You’ll find new friends along the way and visit with old friends at every turn. Second in the Second Chances Series, written by Reina Torres, you can enjoy this story on its own or as a companion to “Finding Home”



ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  71kkb3y-d2l-_sy200_

Reina Torres spent most of her life moving around. Adventure wasn’t something she craved, it was something that just happened. From the chilly nights of the Virginia mountains. to the sun baked desert of Arizona, or the lush valleys of Hawai’i, there was always another story to discover.

She’s been reading romance novels for more than half her life. From teen romances, to historical escapades, there was always another hero and heroine to follow through page after page of breathless love.

Reina hopes that her readers will enjoy some of the same thrills she did in discovering the joy of love between the covers of a book.


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