Book Review: Still Waters by Debra Webb

Still Waters is out now!


Still Waters by Debra Webb

Book Two of Faces of Evil: Private Eyes series (a spin-off of the popular Faces of Evil series)


I’m new to reading Debra Webb. My introduction to her writing was Dark Whispers, the first book in this new series which I read last month. I haven’t read the series which this is a spin-off from, Faces of Evil, but definitely will. There are some characters from the Faces of Evil series included in the Private Eyes series but Debra Webb introduces them with details of their history and the roles they play as they enter the storyline without interrupting or taking away from the main story. Still Waters is a fast moving action mystery with a likeable and believable characters and storyline. The villain was one that wasn’t even on my radar. Eagerly waiting for the next release in this series.



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