My Review of The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison

“Because a garden must have its butterflies.”

The Butterfly Garden is a well-written, chilling, terrifying thriller that may not be for everyone. It is dark, twisted, mystery that deals with young girls who are kidnapped, raped, murdered, then displayed.  The story is narrated by Maya, a mysterious victim that is talking with FBI. The FBI is trying to figure her out – it’s obvious she is a victim, but she is not terrified like the others, she’s not forthcoming, and she’s hiding something. The other girls won’t speak until they talk with her. Is it because she’s in cahoots with the Gardner or do the girls look to her for guidance? Her story goes back and forth from present day, to her upbringing, to her time in the Butterfly Garden.  The story is twisted and terrifying but kept me engaged and captivated.  This is not a cliffhanger book but the characters were so well written and well developed that I’m still worried about them and want to know more of how they are faring.  There will be a companion novel out next year, entitled Roses of May. It states that it’s not a direct sequel but will follow the Butterflies and FBI team for a time. The ending is maybe the only reason I didn’t give this a 5 star. To me it was a bit of a jumble. It was a good twist to the plot, I just didn’t think it was up to caliber of the rest of the book.  I’m interested to read more from this author.  I was given a free copy from Netgalley for a review. I’m buying a book for my Keeper Shelf!

 “Collectors don’t let butterflies fly free. It defeats the purpose.”


Publication Date: June 1, 2016


Near an isolated mansion lies a beautiful garden.

In this garden grow luscious flowers, shady trees…and a collection of precious “butterflies”—young women who have been kidnapped and intricately tattooed to resemble their namesakes. Overseeing it all is the Gardener, a brutal, twisted man obsessed with capturing and preserving his lovely specimens.

When the garden is discovered, a survivor is brought in for questioning. FBI agents Victor Hanoverian and Brandon Eddison are tasked with piecing together one of the most stomach-churning cases of their careers. But the girl, known only as Maya, proves to be a puzzle herself.

As her story twists and turns, slowly shedding light on life in the Butterfly Garden, Maya reveals old grudges, new saviors, and horrific tales of a man who’d go to any length to hold beauty captive. But the more she shares, the more the agents have to wonder what she’s still hiding…

“Butterflies are short-lived creatures, and that too was part of her reminder.”


Dot Hutchison is the author of A Wounded Name, a young adult novel based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and the adult thriller The Butterfly Garden. With past experience working at a Boy Scout camp, a craft store, a bookstore, and the Renaissance Faire (as a human combat chess piece), Hutchison prides herself on remaining delightfully in tune with her inner young adult. She loves thunderstorms, mythology, history, and movies that can and should be watched on repeat. For more information on her current projects, visit or check her out on Tumblr (, Twitter (@DotHutchison), or Facebook



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