Book Review of Deceived by Kate Serine

There’s a traitor among them

A new to me author, Kate SeRine has written a fast-paced, captivating, romantic suspense novel. Deceived, book 1 of the Dark Alliance series, offers a thriller with steamy romance, danger, and family mixed around the existence of the Templar Knights.  The Alliance is a secret group from the ancient Templar Knights that guide, advise, and protect from the dishonest and corrupt in the world. It is discovered that there is a traitor among them and some in the Alliance suspect that the Illuminati, a mysterious organization, is reforming with the intent to control the world and destroy the Alliance. The characters are well written and the main characters grow within the story. Luke is duty bound and protective while struggling with his feelings towards heroine Sarah and remaining with the Alliance. Sarah is determined to protect her son while dealing with the emotions of being deceived by family and friends and a growing desire for Luke.  Where you might think that a role of a child wouldn’t capture you in this type of story, eleven-year-old Eli is a breath of fresh air and had some great lines. I truly enjoyed him.  Book 2, Concealed, is scheduled for release April 2017 where the Alliance continues the search for their traitor.

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Luke Rogan’s assignment is simple: secure young Elijah Scoffield and his mother and bring them back to headquarters–just an ordinary mission for an operative of the Dark Alliance. But Elijah is no ordinary kid. He’s the grandson of one of the country’s most influential politicians–a man privy to the Alliance’s most valuable secrets, including its centuries-long connection to the Knights Templar. And someone else is attempting to capture the boy–someone who’s proven he doesn’t give a damn about collateral damage.

Heartbroken at the lies that tore her world apart, Sarah Scoffield will do anything to protect her son–even if that means teaming up with a deadly stranger. But Sarah soon finds herself falling in love with her dark hero. And as danger stalks ever closer, the fiery desire that claims them awakens in Sarah passions she’d thought dead and buried long ago.








Kate SeRine (pronounced “serene”) is a hopeless romantic who firmly believes in true love that lasts forever. So it’s no surprise that when she began writing her own stories, Kate vowed her characters would always have a happily ever after.

Kate lives in a smallish, quintessentially Midwestern town with her husband and two sons, who share her love of storytelling. She never tires of creating new worlds to share and is even now working on her next project—probably while consuming way too much coffee.

Kate is also the author of the award-winning Transplanted Tales paranormal romance series and the Protect & Serve romantic suspense series.

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