The Paris Effect by K.S.R. Burns

A story of a woman discovering herself after the loss of her best friend.


The main character, Amy, is obsessed with dieting and weight control. The story is full of her dieting rules and food. Amy and her best friend, Kat, had a plan to sneak off to Paris without Amy’s husband knowing. Kat dies of cancer leaving Amy to make the trip solo.  This is not the romantic Paris you think of. Amy sees a side to Paris that most tourist do not see. You turn the pages just to see what she gets herself into next. Amy comes across as a woman who is not certain about what she wants, is sneaky, and is in a non-communicative marriage. By the end of the story she is on her way discovering herself. I was losing interest in the book until just before the halfway point, then it picked up and I was eager to see what would happen to Amy next. Overall a good story and you might enjoy seeing a different side of Paris. The main character wasn’t my type of woman but I enjoyed the secondary characters. I would try another of her books.

I won a free eBook copy from the author via an online event


Friendship, loss… and a tantalizing trip to Paris in this highly praised debut novel!

Amy and Kat had a plan: A secret trip to Paris. Even Amy’s husband wouldn’t know about it. But when Amy loses Kat, the “friend of her heart,” to cancer, she knows the plan, too, has disappeared forever. Or has it?

Guided by memories of her friend and dissatisfaction with her own calorie-counting life in Phoenix, Amy sneaks off to Paris while her husband is away on a business trip. Once there, she’s robbed, stalked, arrested and kidnapped (almost). Worse, she finds that her numerous issues have come right along with her.

Through her adventures, laced with luscious descriptions of food and Paris, Amy learns that often in life, love and friendship, nothing is exactly as it seems. Grab a croissant and settle in for a decidedly non-touristy trip to the City of Light.


K.S. R. Burns is the author of The Paris Effect and The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl: Real-Life Career Advice You Can Actually Use. Burns has lived and worked in 22 cities, including Paris, and racked up a total of 59 jobs. Through her travels, she learned a lot about the world of work! In addition to writing a sequel to The Paris Effect, she currently pens a weekly career advice column for The Seattle Times. No longer a wanderer, Burns now resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and cat, and can also be found online at


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