A new to me author, R.L. Seago’s book Tears of the Innocent is a page turner and keeps your attention. There are a couple of different plots played out in this book which Seago ties together well.  I did feel that the actions of the two main characters during a confrontation with Summer in her home was out of character (I won’t reveal the scene to avoid spoilers) and that particular scenario was a bit off to me. The villainess declaration to Ryder was an interesting and unexpected twist. I enjoyed this suspenseful story and will check out more of his books.

NOTE: This is a cliffhanger and continues in The Rebirth of Innocence coming in Fall 2016. Personally I like to know ahead of time of this and usually steer clear unless I know the next book is out or coming out very soon before reading. I don’t like to be left hanging but that’s my preference.

I received a free pdf file of the book for an honest review.


Lacey DeVane knows her son is alive, despite what everyone keeps telling her. That is, everyone except the dead teenage girl on her autopsy table.

Ryder Raynes and his devoted partner Joker keep themselves busy, not only with their private detective agency, but with Ryder’s quest for revenge against the Devil’s Disciples, the outlaw biker club responsible for the scar that Ryder bears.

Summer Papadopolous is stunningly gorgeous, with a body that most men would kill for, but her heart is as black as midnight. She is the head of one of the world’s largest sex trafficking rings, and God help the man who lays a finger on one of her girls.

Ryder and Lacey are on the trail of her missing son Micah, and when they meet up with Summer and her “family” all hell will break loose.

When the two women collide in the Nevada desert for the body and soul of one young boy, the dry, arid heat will be no match for the inferno that will engulf them all, as Lacey fights to rescue her son, and Ryder comes face to face with a familiar stranger from his past.


Robert L. Seago resides in northern California with his beloved wife of 25 years Anna. They have 2 fur babies, Bella Rose ad Sophie Marie, 5 year old (sisters) Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Robert was born in Redding and spent his younger years travelling with his family and his father, a U.S. Army mechanic.  After high school Robert joined the U.S. Navy, where he was trained as a Hospital Corpsman, and again as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman. He served for nearly 5 years, both with the Navy fleet and alongside his Marine brothers as their “Doc,” a title he still wears proudly to this day. After his tour was over, he returned to Redding, where in 1990 he met Anna, and as they say, the rest is history.

Robert enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs, taking road trips and of course working on his books, which at present time is the sequel to Tears of the Innocent, titled The Rebirth of Innocence. It will be available in the fall of 2016.

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