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I was first introduced to Christy Reece books through a Facebook post promoting Chances Are in April 2013.  Chances Are is book 10 of the Last Chance Rescue (LCR) series. Once I read it, I was hooked and had to find out what else she had written. I devoured the first nine books of the series. Then I read her Wildfire series which she writes as Ella Grace. She has since written 3 books in the LCR Elite series and 2 books in the Grey Justice series. Christy writes romantic suspense like no one else. She also writes the evilest of villains! The men and women of LCR are smart, sexy, courageous, sometimes damaged, strong operatives who work to rescue the innocent. Her books are full of passion, suspense, romance, action, danger, and always a HEA ending.

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To celebrate Christy’s upcoming release of Running Scared, book 3 of the LCR Elite Series, we’re giving away signed print copy of the first two books of the LCR Elite series: Running on Empty (book 1) and Chance Encounter (book 2).

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 LCR ELITE SERIES: With Last Chance Rescue’s philosophy of rescuing the innocent, the Elite branch takes the stakes even higher. Infiltrating the most volatile locations in the world, LCR Elite Operatives risk everything to rescue high value targets. Unsanctioned. Off the grid. Every operation a secret, danger-filled mission. LCR Elite will stop at nothing, no matter the cost, to fulfill their promise.

Running on Empty – LCR Elite series, Book 1

Having survived a brutal childhood, Sabrina Fox believed she could handle anything. That was before she watched the love of her life die before her very eyes. Brokenhearted, her emotions on lockdown, she finds purpose and hope as an LCR Elite Operative rescuing victims from some of the most volatile places in the world.

Covert ops agent Declan Steele is used to a life of danger and deceit, but when the one person he trusted and believed in above all others sets him up, he’ll stop at nothing to make her pay. Finally rescued from his hellish prison, Declan has one priority—hunt down Sabrina Fox and exact his revenge. Trusting no one is a lonely, perilous path. Sabrina swears she’s innocent and Declan must make a decision–trust his heart or his head. As memories of their life together returns, he realizes just how treacherous his torture had been and the target of his revenge shifts. But when Sabrina is taken, retribution is the last thing on his mind. With the assistance of Last Chance Rescue Elite, Declan races to rescue the only woman he has ever loved before it’s too late.

Chance Encounter-LCR Elite, Book 2

She’s the face of innocence whose secrets, if uncovered, could destroy her carefully crafted life.  On the cusp of achieving every goal she’s set for herself, Kacie Dane is one step away from superstardom. The hell she endured five years ago is a nightmare of the past. With a new name and a new life, no one would ever recognize her as the ravaged victim she’d once been. Her secret is safe…or so she thinks. He’s a disgraced former sports star looking for redemption, determined to stay in the shadows. Once the golden boy of the NFL, Brennan Sinclair’s fall from grace was witnessed by the entire world. Determined to stay out of the limelight and make his life count for something, he joins the Elite branch of Last Chance Rescue. Brennan never expected his first assignment would draw him back into the life that almost destroyed him. Some secrets should never be kept. Some sins can never be forgiven. Someone knows exactly who Kacie Dane is and will stop at nothing to destroy her. Brennan is sure that he, along with his LCR Elite partners, can keep Kacie safe and unmask the evil trying to destroy her, but he never expected to lose his heart to the one woman he couldn’t have.    A killer bent on revenge. A woman who refuses to be broken. A man in need of redemption.

Running Scared-LCR Elite, Book 3 (early June 2016)

Riley Ingram escaped hell, taking secrets with her that could get her killed. As an Elite operative for Last Chance Rescue, Riley’s single-minded focus is on saving others from a similar fate. A survivor of unspeakable horror, she hides behind a cool mask of indifference, vowing to never let her guard down again. A family tragedy brought Justin Kelly to LCR. Saving lives and protecting others is a way of life for him. The phenomenal connection he shares with his intensely private LCR partner surprises everyone but Justin. He knows that beneath Riley’s icy façade is a warm, caring woman with tremendous depth. When the past comes calling, colliding with the present, the LCR duo have no choice but to face it together. Relying on each other’s strength and courage, they’ll work to destroy one of the most horrific monsters LCR has ever faced. But some secrets can’t stay hidden. And sometimes plans fall apart. It’ll take every bit of their grit and fortitude for Riley and Justin to stay alive to have the future together they’re just now realizing they want more than anything.



Running on Empty

Chance Encounter


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