(28 Days to Fight Yeast and Candida)

Candida Free Cookbook and Action Plan is not only a cookbook but a wealth of information on candida (which I have never heard of before). There are so many things I appreciated about this book. It is loaded with really good detailed information on what candida is, how to diagnose it, and how to conquer it. Though I don’t have issues with candida, I received this book to review and I found it very well written, the author is well informed, and the author is honest and lays it on line. It clearly states a few times that switching to a candida-free diet is not easy. After a couple of weeks (the initial candida die-off phrase) you hopefully will begin to see results. Your health issues won’t magically disappear (“building health takes time and effort”) but you should see an improvement. This book made the process to go candida free so much easier by providing a shopping list and weekly menus for up to 8 weeks.  It provides a step-by-step action plan offering the structure and tools you need to rid candida from your system, improve your digestion, support your liver. It has a list of foods to avoid and foods to enjoy. The meals in this book are generally easy to prepare. Each recipe has a few sentences regarding the recipe, the ingredients, and/or some tips. Though there are some foods that I have not heard of in some of the recipes (I’m currently not a healthy eater but I’m sure when starting this plan, one won’t have too much problems finding the ingredients). Very good book and I’m going to try this plan just to clean up my eating habits.

“I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.”

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