365 Inspirational Quotes – Mike Robbins (foreward)


365 Inspirational Quotes – Mike Robbins (foreword)

 A year of daily wisdom from a variety of individuals (ranging from authors, teachers, political figures, scientist, athletes, comedians, musicians, poets, and more). I enjoy quotes and search for them often. This is an enjoyable collection, some I have heard of, and a lot were new to me. This would be a lovely book to have by your bedside to start your day off with a daily quote. These are simple, easy to understand inspirational quotes. I received an eBook version of this which I do not recommend. I did not find the layout easy to read on my Kindle Fire. I did switch to the Kindle app on my laptop and found it formatted better but would much rather have this in print to read daily. Overall, a very nice collection of quotes.

“I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.” 

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