THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS – Bill Garrison, Robin Patchen, Sharon Srock, Terri Denise Weldon, & Lacy Williams

For a novella it packed a lot of heart. Written by 5 authors that flowed so seamlessly you think it was written by one. A beautiful Christmas story of a family and a best friend in grief over a lost one. Touching how the father & sister (the deceased twin) were able to help Tad (the best friend) find his way back to God. The ending was very sweet.

Christian Fiction.


The Heart of Christmas, a sweet inspirational romance

When Eleanor Clark arrives home for the holidays, the last thing she expects is to run into her high school crush Tad Varner–in her mother’s living room. The first Christmas without her brother will be heartbreaking enough–now she has to face the one man she’s never been able to put behind her?

Christmas is supposed to be a time for family, gifts, and faith. The Clarks have been Tad’s only real family, but he isn’t sure he buys into their faith anymore, not after losing his best friend–Eleanor’s twin brother. When sparks fly between him and Ellie, will they ignite the faith he left behind or burn them both?

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