A down-on-her-luck single mom finds love at Christmas.

Alexa Stevens needs a job, or she and her daughter might wind up living out of the car. Blake Collins needs a nanny to help with his spoiled ten-year-old. What seems like the perfect match turns out to be anything but when the two girls and a rambunctious mutt create havoc at Christmas.


Alexa Stevens needs a job before she and her daughter become homeless. Blake Collins needs a nanny to help with his spoiled 10 year old daughter.

Alexa is going through a rough time. Her husband committed suicide after gambling all their money away, leaving Alexa and their 8 year old daughter Cara with nothing but debt.  She recently lost her job when the lab she works for prepares to relocate.

Blake has gone through many nannies since his divorce from his wife. His daughter is spoiled, difficult, and throws tantrums. Her behavior has become out of control and he’s in desperate need of a nanny that can handle her.

Alexa ends up working for Blake as a live-in nanny even though she thinks of him as cold and unfeeling since he was responsible for her and so many others losing their jobs. She soon is drawn to the kind and caring man that he actually is. Blake becomes intrigued with her though he isn’t interested in a relationship after his disastrous first marriage. He soon can’t deny his attraction to her. Both victims of failed marriages, can they follow their hearts and give love another try?

Since this is a short story, the romance is quick. Well written and characters developed. I found it an enjoyable, heartwarming holiday read.


Raine English is a USA Today bestselling, award-winning author who writes sweet small-town contemporary romance, light paranormal, and gothic romantic suspense. She’s a Daphne du Maurier Award winner and a Golden Heart finalist. Her books have made the Top 100 Bestseller lists at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and she’s been listed in Amazon’s Top 100 Most Popular Authors in Romance.
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