IT’S ONLY LOVE – MARIE FORCE (Green Mountain series, book 5)


It’s Only Love by Marie Force   Green Mountain series, book 5

Ella Abbott has adored Gavin Guthrie as long as she can remember. Gavin has been grieving the loss of his brother for years and is not the same man he once was. He has constantly pushed Ella away when she had offered comfort, not wanting to bring her into his darkness. When Ella finally decides that it’s time to move on, she is called to Gavin’s rescue. Ella is known as the nicest, most joyful, non-judgmental Abbott sibling. Her family is worried about her getting involved with a complicated, troubled man.  Ella has gone into the relationship with her eyes open and the determination to help Gavin deal with his grief and live again. Marie did an outstanding portrayal of life altering grief that touches your soul. What could have been a very sad story, was a wonderful romance filled with love, forgiveness, healing, and hot chemistry.

As always in this series, we catch up with all the Abbotts. Scenes regarding Max and relationship with his girlfriend and new baby have me impatient for their story. I feel for girlfriend Chloe and am sure that Molly & Lincoln will soon offer some of the much needed parental comfort she is lacking.  Along with Max, we get insights into Wade’s upcoming story. Their books are not next though as Marie masterfully crafts their stories into current ones and thus we have real life situations and time lines. Charley story is next and I feel she is going to be a handful in her book!  So looking forward to that – her book “Ain’t She Sweet”, book #6, is out on April 5, 2016.

It’s Only Love is book 5 of the Green Mountain series. If you love big family romances with happy endings you’ll love this book. The characters are believable and connectable. Marie Force keeps it real. They’re regular people that find love. There’s not a lot of unnecessary drama. It’s a nice, sweet comfort read, where nothing bad is going to happen to the characters; that they’re going to end up being happy at the end. I do recommend that you read the series in order

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