FROM GLOWING EMBERS – EMILIE RICHARDS (Tale of the Pacific series)


FROM GLOWING EMBERS – EMILIE RICHARDS (Tales of the Pacific series)

 First published in 1988 this is an oldie but goodie; first of four books series. This is a story of second chances after confronting the past. A decade filled with suffering, misunderstandings, guilt, and anger. A love that came too soon for a couple not ready for it. The writing makes you feel. I was drawn into the story. I felt involved in their life and also felt their grief. This is the first book of Emilie Richards that I have read. I really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading future books by her.


Former lovers are reunited as a hurricane approaches the island of Oahu.
Once, Julianna was plain Julie Ann, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks
who dared to love the son of the town’s most powerful family. Gray loved
her, too, and married her to give their unborn child a name, but sometimes
love isn’t enough. Ten years later they meet again. She is successful,
beautiful, and certain that a decade ago he betrayed her, but despite their
painful past, both are helpless to deny a love that never died. As secrets
are slowly revealed and new and surprising friendships develop with other
refugees from the storm, the past and present come together in one
tumultuous explosion.
From Glowing Embers is the first book of a four book series set among four
islands in the Pacific. Smoke Screen, Rainbow Fire and Out of the Ashes
follow, featuring characters introduced here.

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