Tricia Robinson Art Bundle

 Tricia Robinson Art Bundle!

2 Prints, a Coloring book, and verse cards!



The Four Print

These four women: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba have something in common. They are grandmothers in Jesus’ family tree! Grandmothers! Some had affairs, were prostitutes, lied and were truly not the starry eyed perfect princesses. But God chose them, used them…. These four broken women. And that’s why Tricia gave them crowns. A symbol of grace and love from our Creator and Redeemer.A digital print of Tricia’s original acrylic artwork.

 Confetti Esther of your choice: Blonde, Brown, Brunette, Red.
“Perhaps You were Born for Such a Time as This.” Esther 4:14
“Confetti Esther”. A digital print of Tricia’s original acrylic artwork. It is printed on 80# Ultrawhite Mohawk Superfine Cover, a high-quality archival, acid free paper with HP Indigo ElectroInk, an archival ink.

The two I’m showing here are called The Four Print and Confetti Esther.

Available as:

  • 8″x10″ paper, 7.25″x9″ image surrounded by a white border
  • 11″x14″ paper, 9″x11.375″ image surrounded by a white border

Checkout her website for more prints. I’ve ordered Christmas prints.


Coloring Book

This is more than just a coloring book. Once you start coloring these pages, your heart will be filled with joy!

32 page book, 27 black and white outlined sketches to color. Tear or cut out and be reminded of how God delights in you or share with family, friends, or neighbors


Verse Cards

There are 25 in a set and each card has a print on one side and a quote or verse written on the other side. And there are so many ways you can use these cards! You can take them with you daily as a reminder of God’s love and truth. You can give to a friend. They are daily reminders of God’s grace and love. Each verse card is 4”x5”.

*These are not notecards and do not include envelopes.



Tricia is offering a 20% discount to my followers.  Use the following link and code:

Purchase via:

and use code: paintedjoy20



Magic happens in the wonky!

Since she was 8, Tricia Robinson always loved the beautifully imperfect. At the age 30, Tricia’s art life bloomed again. It was a reblooming. She was inspired by a “wonky” artist at the beach by the name of Nancy Swann Drew. Nancy became Tricia’s hero and inspired her to paint with color and freedom.

When I let go of the “performance” and the “have to” and the “shoulds” and the culture of “southern culture” and just say, “this is me”, I feel like a bird just released from its cage. . 
A little gallery at the beach turned into an art show. Then went to Saks Fifth Avenue. Celebrities started buying her art, and people actually wanted to take lessons. Tricia started “Art Nights” with friends painting around her dining room table, then later on also started camps and retreats.

It’s been amazingly wonderfully wonky! Magic happens in the wonky!


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