Book Review: Uncharted Waters by Sally Hepworth

Uncharted Waters by Sally Hepworth

Amazon Original Stories (August 31, 2022)

Getaway Collection

Short Story (49 pages)/ Suspense


“Speak your truth.” An icebreaker leads to unintended consequences for two strangers aboard a luxury yacht in this seductively twisty short story by the New York Times bestselling author of The Good Sister.

When Ella boards a sumptuous charter off the coast of Australia, she feels…dread. Her husband, Mac, the social butterfly who makes these wellness retreats so much easier to navigate, is stuck at work, leaving her exposed to the other passengers. Luckily, she forms an instant bond with the charismatic Chloe, a newly single woman salving a broken heart. But as the friendship grows, Ella discovers they share more than the need for an escape, and their devastating connection has the power to forever alter their lives.

Uncharted Waters by Sally Hepworth is part of Getaway, a collection of six stories about dream escapes that take unimaginable, even sinister, turns. Each piece can be read or listened to in a single sitting. Uncharted Waters (Getaway collection) eBook : Hepworth, Sally: Kindle Store



First read by this author. I needed a quick read and this was exactly what I was looking for. Not too deep, fast-paced, and definitely a “twisty” story. While I expected some of the outcome, I didn’t expect all of what transpired between the two of the women. I loved the ending with the husband and wife deciding that “once was enough”.

A first Amazon Original Stories that I’ve read and I’m looking forward to more in this collection.

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Sally Hepworth is the bestselling author of The Secrets of Midwives (2015), The Things We Keep (2016) The Mother’s Promise (2017), The Family Next Door (2018), The Mother In Law (April 2019), The Good Sister (April 2021) and The Younger Wife (April 2022). Hollywood actress and producer, Amy Poehler, has optioned The Mother In Law for a TV series.

Sally’s books have been labelled “enchanting” by The Herald Sun, “smart and engaging” by Publisher’s Weekly, and New York Times bestselling authors Liane Moriarty and Emily Giffin have praised Sally’s novels as “women’s fiction at its finest” and “totally absorbing”. Sally’s novels are available worldwide in English and have been translated into 10+ languages.

​Sally lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and three children.

Sally Hepworth (


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