Book Review: Bonds We Break by Paula Dombrowiak


Bonds We Break by Paula Dombrowiak

An Emotional Love Triangle Rock Star Romance

Blood and Bones Series, Book 3

April 14, 2022

Rock Star Romance, Love Triangle


A sexy, highly emotional, fast burn, love triangle, rock star romance, featuring a strong female singer songwriter about marriage & divorce and second chances that has a tragic ending.

To have and to hold from this day forward – to love and to cherish, till death do us part – and these are the bonds we break.

My name is Mia Stone. You may know how my story ends, but the truth is buried between the headlines. A secret that was meant to be taken to the grave – Until now.

I promised myself to one man, while still in love with another. I came between two best friends and by betraying one, I lost everything. In the end, we both knew, those bonds were always meant to be broken.

These men want to own me, possess me, or hold me down, but I was never meant to be tamed.

I have been told that I am a force of nature, but even a hurricane comes to an end.

Bonds We Break is the 3rd book in the Blood & Bone series and is NOT a standalone. The books must be read in order for the best reader experience.

Mia’s story is perfect for readers who love a sexy, fast burn, highly emotional, love triangle, second chance, strong female rock star romance that deals with a marriage in crisis, great m/m romance supporting characters with a touch of humor and a whole lot of angst. If you have read Blood & Bone then you know how Mia’s story ends. If you require a happy ending, this book may not be for you. You can choose to skip this book and read Bound To Burn.

Content Warning: This book contains sensitive subjects, such as miscarriage and drug use, so please read with care.

 From the Author

This story is not your typical romance. In fact, it has a tragic ending. Mia’s story is not for everyone but she was begging to be heard. She is a strong heroine who is resilient in the face of tragedy, owned her sexuality, and embraced her flaws. She represents every female artist who paved the way in a male dominated industry. She is an unapologetically flawed badass boss bitch. Let her story inspire you to feel empowered, to know that it is okay to be vulnerable, to be heard, and to never apologize for being who you are.


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“It’s always Jack and Mia, everyone else is just collateral damage.”

Bonds We Break is written with such depth and emotion. Paula writes the sex, drugs, and rock n roll lifestyle that I’ve imagined for the bands I followed especially in the 80’s. It’s an intense read but a wonderful story of conflict, joy, success, destruction, sadness, pain, and hope. An intense love between Mia, Jack, and Cash which takes you on an emotional ride. Mia is torn between her two loves while searching for her own happiness. She has a pull to both of them; Jack who consumes her but is her darkness as he constantly disappoints and breaks her. Cash, her light, who takes care of her and she loves him and his comfort and security but she is always drawn back to Jack. This is not a happy, sappy romance that’ll leave you content that the characters got their HEA. It’s full of angst and drama and flawed and tragic characters.

If you have not read this series, I highly recommend it. A group of misfits who had a successful band until Jack and Mia destroyed it. Start with book 1, Blood and Bones (currently FREE)

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (May 30, 2022)

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Paula Dombrowiak grew up in Evanston, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, right on beautiful Lake Michigan. She used to think it was an ocean, because you can’t see the other side, until she got older and became aware of geography. The Chicago lakeshore is her favorite place in the whole world.

Paula moved to Arizona in 1997 because the Chicago winters wore her down and she needed a little sunshine in her life. She came to appreciate the diversity of Arizona, the desert, the mountains, and the lakes. Yes, there are lakes in Arizona and it even snows up in the high country.

Paula really is a music junkie to the core and loves discovering new bands, just as much as she loves writing. So why not combine the two? That was how Blood and Bone was born. Her favorite music is Classic Rock, Grunge, and Alternative. She also loves to read and mostly enjoys YA (all subgenres), Romance, and Non-Fiction.

Paula’s wardrobe really does consist of band T-shirts and leggings that are perpetually covered in pet hair. Animals are her homies and she don’t eat her homies.








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