Book Review: Old Bones and Ice Cream Cones by Elizabeth Pantley




Old Bones and Ice Cream Cones by Elizabeth Pantly

Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic, Book 6

May 20, 2022

Cozy Mystery/Cozy Animal Mystery



A boyfriend who’s missing. Or was. . . Or is. . .  A boat full of old bones. A community ice cream social. A friend in trouble. A spiteful witch and an angry villain. The mysteries abound in Destiny Falls, but Hayden, Latifa and their family and friends are up for the excitement and adventure.

 Old Bones and Ice Cream Cones follows the series format of combining two stories that blend into one. A murder mystery and the island mystery.

The Island Mystery: Hayden’s boyfriend Han is missing. But she swears she saw him zoom by in his car. She’d thought it was a surprise, and that he was home early from his secret service case. She was wrong. The surprise is that his signal isn’t pinging, and no one knows where he is. There appears to be black magic behind his disappearance. Can they learn who’s responsible and bring Han safely home?

The Murder Mystery: A pile of old bones is found in an ancient fishing boat. They could be tied to the disappearance of two young women years ago, back when many of the Destiny Falls people where in high school. Many of the citizens had bad history with the girls. Do the bones belong to those girls, and what happened? Were the girls murdered? And could the murderer be living among them?

Hayden’s many adventures in Destiny Falls will keep you guessing with each book in this intriguing series.



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The Destiny Falls series is such a wonderful place to escape to and see what Hayden and her friends are up to. Hayden’s life is continually full of adventure since she has arrived and discover she had family she didn’t know about. This latest book in the series focuses on two mysteries; the discovery of a boat of old bones and the disappearance and reappearance of her boyfriend. With a strong plot line, interesting & well-developed characters, and very descriptive writing, Old Bones and Ice Cream Cones is a cozy mystery at its best! I’m enjoying Hayden’s and Han’s relationship progressing and all the friendships Hayden is making. This is an ongoing series which I eagerly await each new release. You need to start at book one to get the full background and to enjoy the series. Full of wonderful characters, mystery, humor, and a mischievous cat. It’s an adventurous mystery series written with cleaver imagination.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (May 10, 2022)

ARC provided by author

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Elizabeth Pantley is the international bestselling author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution and twelve other books for parents. Her books have been published in over twenty languages. She lives near Seattle and is the mother of four and nana to one. This is her first work of fiction.





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