Book Review: The Ghost of My Lady’s Manor by Bobbie Hinman

The Ghost of My Lady’s Manor by Bobbi Hinman

Best Fairy Books (May 10, 2021)

110 pages

Ghost and Hauntings


Do you believe in ghosts? Skeptics, be prepared to be challenged.

 The Ghost of My Lady’s Manor is a true account of the paranormal activity experienced by the author and her family on a Maryland farm.

After leaving suburbia in search of idyllic farm life, a family settles into the historic area of Maryland known as My Lady’s Manor.

They never dreamed they would be launched into the realm of the paranormal until a sequence of baffling events forced them to face the existence of an elusive visitor.

The family’s unexpected journey is narrated in a series of anecdotes as they search for answers.

Grab your copy of this true story today.



Her family’s life with a little girl ghost while living on a farm in Maryland.

When my son was little, around PreK age, he would tell us stories of a visit with a confederate soldier (by the description he gave of the man). He did not read by himself at that age, and there’s no way he would have known of the things he described. There’s another house in the neighborhood that also had ghost sightings, though theirs did disruptive things. I’ve always wanted to research and see what was on this land prior to the development of our neighborhood (2000). This is why this book was a must read for me.

I grabbed an eBook version of this story while it was free on Amazon. It’s a very quick read. It’s the author account of ghosts sightings/experiences years ago (1970s) while living on a farm in Maryland. I was intrigued mainly due to the location, Maryland – the state I live in, and that it was the authors true story of what her family went through with a ghost.  I really liked that personal photos were included in the book (I personally think the print version of the book will better showcase the pictures). Very nice family ghost story. Glad I read it.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (June 1, 2021)

Currently free in Kindle Unlimited. At this time, it is no longer free to purchase as a kindle version. $6.99 is a bit steep, in my opinion for short family reconnect of events



Bobbie Hinman is a former elementary teacher with B.S. degree in Elementary Education and a Minor in Children’s Literature. Her 5 children’s picture books have received a combined total of 28 children’s book awards, including the Moonbeam Book Awards’ Gold Medal for “Best Picture Book Series of 2017.”

Bobbie is also the author of “How to Create a Successful Children’s Picture Book.”

She is a member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators) and IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association, as well as a judge for the Royal Palm Literary Awards

Bobbie has been a speaker and presenter at numerous schools, libraries and bookstores, as well as major book festivals all across the United States and in Canada. Her articles have appeared in the Independent Book Publishers Association magazine and in many blogs and interviews. Her bookstore events have been featured in the Barnes & Noble Inside newsletter. She is currently in demand as an editor of children’s books.


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