Book Giveaway: The Officer’s Affair by Samantha Grosser


Win one of 3 signed copies of The Officer’s Affair

Giveaway open October 9-16, 2018

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The Officer’s Affair by Sam Grosser

A Novel of World War II


“A highly recommended wartime drama – full of true-to-life conflict, passion and guilt.” – Readers’ Favorite

‘When does infidelity begin? Does it start with a word? A look? A touch? When does it become too late to remain a faithful wife?’

England 1944.
For more than two years, Rachel Lock has waited for her husband to return from the battlefields of Italy. When at last he arrives, she is devastated to find he is a different man, a man she can no longer love. Disabled and embittered, Danny can never resume a normal life, and though Rachel is determined to restore their marriage, it seems the war has broken their lives beyond repair.

Then Danny’s former commander, Captain Andrews, comes to visit and captures Rachel’s interest. But the tension between the two men seems to stem from an earlier time.

What happened in Italy to make Danny so hostile to an officer he once trusted and admired? And why has Andrews come to visit him in the face of it?

As Rachel strives to shake off the ghosts of the war, her heart is torn between her loyalty to an empty marriage and her deepest desires. Only one can prevail in this heart-wrenching novel, which delves into the devastation left by the Second World War.

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