Cover Reveal: Bad Candy, Part One by Ava Alise


Bad Candy Part One by Ava Alise

“Sexy. Innocent. Off-limits. She’s Bad Candy.”

Release Date: Oct 18th

Bad Candy ebook cover.png


Want to know the fastest way to screw up a sacred bond?

Have sex with your sister’s best friend and find out. I sure did.

I know, I know. It was a total dick move. Kelsa—my very vocal sister—never lets me forget that one golden rule. Hooking up with her best friend is a serious no-no.

Too bad I didn’t listen.

See, Renee Espada has always been “bad candy”, a term Kelsa and I coined when we were kids. The ultimate temptation. That’s exactly what she is. Sweet, innocent, and totally off limits.

Ever since we met, it’s been a battle on my self-control. Then I moved into the apartment she shares with Kelsa. As if I wasn’t struggling enough. I can’t help but flirt with her — it’s just who I am — but this feels like more than some flirtatious crush.

Every time I look down at those pouty lips I force myself not to imagine sucking on them.

A sweet taste.

I remind myself that we’re just friends. I shouldn’t visualize grabbing a handful of her wavy hair as I bend that perfect little body over the counter.


And I definitely need to stop thinking about how entranced I’d be in those big doe-eyes as she looks up to me, lips wrapped around my…

Just one lick.

But what I never expected? Renee would make the first move. Sorry, sis. I tried.

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*Bad Candy Part Two will release Nov 2018*

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