Release Blitz with Review: My Earl’s Entrapment by Tammy Andresen

My Earl’s Entrapment by Tammy Andresen

Wicked Lords of London, Book 3

July 17, 2018

121 pages

Historical Romance


Lord William Addington has been forced into retirement as one of the Prince Regent’s domestic spies. But he still has one case to solve while attending a house party when an adorably feisty lady enters him room in the middle of the night. He now has another delicious mystery on his hands. Why is Lady Roselyn Pennington snooping about?

Rose is sure Lord Addington is a dullard at best and a criminal mastermind at worst. So why does her heart beat so rapidly every time he is near? And why does he rescue when she insists on landing herself into trouble time and again? It’s as though he isn’t the man everyone thinks he is or even the one he claims to be.



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“Be careful judging a man, or a woman, from ton rumors. They are rarely true.”

I so loved these characters. Their push-pull banter and interactions were fun to read. They caught each other off guard, they both told lies and broke promises, but they were drawn to each other and perfect for each other. He had developed a dreadful reputation to cover for his job as a spy, but she saw the real him. Another good read from Tammy Andresen with strong characters, intriguing story, and romance.

My Earl’s Entrapment is book 3 of the Wicked Lords of London Series but can be read as a standalone.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (July 27, 2018)




He heard something rattle in the lock and then the distinct click as whoever was on the other side successfully picked it. Slowly the door swung open and a figure crept in, softly closing the large, wood-paneled behemoth behind them. A quick glance told him it was a person of small stature, though not a child; it didn’t appear to be a man either. Had a woman sneaked into his room?

A smile curved one corner of his lips upward. There were a few widows in attendance. Lady Crawley, for example. A lovely, though empty-headed, woman. He’d not thought her capable of picking a lock. But appearances could sometimes be deceiving. Not usually, but occasionally.

Perhaps she or someone else was looking for a dalliance. Whomever it was, she was persistent. Mayhap, this was just the distraction he needed until Bridgeton arrived.

But the little minx didn’t move toward the bed to arrange herself for his benefit. Instead, she trailed her hand along the wall, finding her way to the dressing table. Her fingers searched along until they reached a candle and then, with fumbling hands, she lit the wax. How curious.

Once the room was illuminated, she began to move the objects on the table about, searching through several of the drawers. Surprise rippled through him as he watched her search. With the candle, he could see how tiny her waist was and the generous curve of her backside. Lush locks of hair were piled atop her head. And yet, she wasn’t here for his benefit. Whoever she was, the chit had trespassed into his room to search for something.

Well that simply wouldn’t do. He was glad he’d come up to his room, because finding out why she was here would be far more interesting than anything that likely would have happened at the party downstairs. This was going to be fun.





Tammy AndresenTammy Andresen lives with her husband and three children just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. She grew up on the Seacoast of Maine, where she spent countless days dreaming up stories in blueberry fields and among the scrub pines that line the coast. Her mother loved to spin a yarn and Tammy filled many hours listening to her mother retell the classics. It was inevitable that at the age of 18, she headed off to Simmons College, where she studied English literature and education. She never left Massachusetts but some of her heart still resides in Maine and her family visits often.







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