(test post)Release Blitz: Bump and Grind by Jessica Martyn (test post)

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: March 27,
Henry Stanton,
newly arrived in the small beach town of Spoonbill Point, Florida, has a five-year plan to
establish his business and achieve the security and prosperity he grew up lacking. Daisy Bishop
is a sassy single mom with a dream of making her part-time job of dancing in throwback
burlesque shows her full-time career. Their first meeting, at one of Daisy’s shows, is a disaster
when she winds up fracturing her ankle. The encounter is captured on video by a friend of
Henry’s and goes viral online. The unwelcome notoriety causes Daisy to be fired from her day
job and brings Henry and her together once again. She and Henry have an undeniable attraction,
but his past, her son, and her meddling, crazy ex complicate matters. First in the “Viral Videos”
He stood as she
wrapped the towel around the ice and applied it to her ankle. “Ahh, sweet Lord. God, that hurts.”
She squeezed her eyes shut. This pain in her ankle was starting to feel expensive.
He must have read
her mind. “I think you need to go to the hospital.”
“No thanks.” She
couldn’t afford it, although she be damned if she told him that.

“It’ll be my

She opened one eye
and stared at him from underneath her false eyelash. His lips crooked in a half-smile. “You sure
know how to show a girl a good time, but no thanks.” She shot Jonathan a look. “Can you make
sure Henry here gets home okay? He’s been drinking too much to drive, and I don’t think his
buddy’s much better off.”
“Sure.” Jonathan
waved at Henry. “Come on. I’ll get you a Lyft.” He turned and then shot a glance back over his
shoulder. “You can wait out in the lobby.”
It was a dismissal,
and Henry had to know it. He looked at her, reluctant to go. “Here.” He scrounged around on a
nearby table until he found a piece of paper and a stub of a pencil. He wrote something and
handed her the paper. “If you need anything, anything at all, give me a call.”
She looked at the
paper. Henry Stanton. 555-3022. She stuck it in her cleavage, momentarily forgetting her pain
when a flush swept over Henry’s face. “What? It’s not like I have a pocket in this get-
About the

Jessica Martyn is the
pen name for Amazon bestselling romance writer Linda Morris. Unlike her down-to- earth alter
ego, Jessica can eat all the carbs she wants without gaining weight and is best known perhaps for
her dazzling sense of style and her witty repartee at cocktail parties.

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