John Kurtze reads an excerpt: The Journey Begins


My friend, and fellow Comfy Chair Books review, John Kurtze made a recent appearance on the Steve TV show THE STAR MAKERS.

John read an excerpt from his book, The Journey Begins which is available at all independent bookstores and anywhere books are sold.

His second book, The Littlest Hunter and the Animals of Hunter’s Forest is releasing soon.

Click the link to view John’s appearance on the show





The Littlest Hunter Series by John W. Kurtze

The Journey Begins

Children’s Chapter Book (hard cover)

Publisher: John W. Kurtze (June 5, 2017)

Children’s Book/Action Adventure/Humorous/Fiction/Animals/Juvenile Fiction


It was a long time ago when the Hunter Family decided to leave Boston, Massachusetts, to begin a new life in Northern Kentucky. JB Hunter, his big sister Mila, and his parents are traveling west across the frontier to an old fort and trading post along the Ohio River. The Hunter’s are looking forward to building their new cabin, close to family and the old fort and trading post. Trading the bustling life of a big city for the rivers and mountains of Kentucky is sure to be a thrilling adventure.

The entire family is excited for the move, especially JB. For as long as he can remember, JB has loved animals. He is eager to explore the forest. Will the animals in the forest be friendly? What other discoveries will JB find in the forest?

Join the Hunters as they travel west to Northern Kentucky in The Journey Begins. What secrets and surprises do the forest hold? Learn how JB meets the animals of the forest. Explore the forest with JB and his new found friends. Can they find answers to the secrets of forest? What will their reaction be when they meet the Littlest Hunter? Discover the incredible and surprising adventures of The Littlest Hunter: The Journey Begins.

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