A Week of Easter Books: Easter Babies – A Springtime Counting Book



Easter Babies – A Springtime Counting Book

Written by: Joy N. Hulme

Illustrated by: Dan Andreasen

Sterling Publishing: 2010

Children’s Books/Animals/Baby Animals/Early Learning/Basic Concepts/Counting/Holidays





A wonderful rhyming and counting book depicting the signs of spring. Beautifully illustrated. There is so much you can use this book for: rhyming, counting, signs of the spring season, learning baby animal names and so much more. in my child care, we expanded to learning the baby animal parents’ names (kitten/cat, piglet/pig, etc.), animal sounds, and coming up with our own ideas of what reminds us of the spring season.


“When signs of spring are in the air, we look for babies everywhere!”

From one newborn foal walking on wobbly legs and five open-billed nestlings eager for food to eleven children playing in the park and twelve church bells ringing, this lovely picture book celebrates spring, Easter, and new life.

Joy N. Hulme and Dan Andreasen, who created the beautiful Stable in Bethlehem, once again capture the spirit of a holiday and a season. Hulme’s gentle rhyme and Andreasen’s softly-hued, charming pictures work in perfect harmony, and the adorable bunnies, fuzzy yellow chicks, and frolicking lambs will enchant children.


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