A very sweet romance story. Interesting and well developed characters. It makes you feel good. I recommend this quick read.

From the back cover:

A sweet romance novella. Isabella McKay loves her great grandmother, Mona, who has been a pillar of strength in her life. But Mona is sure that it’s time for Isabella to change her life, and she is determined to help that happen. This includes introducing her to a handsome physical therapist, Stone Southbury, as well as challenging her to face her fears and start to enjoy life beyond her dedication to her job.Will she stand up to her outrageous great grandmother, despite the fact that the tall blond physical therapist sets her heart afire?

Biography – Christine Bush

Let me tell you a story! I love to write. My books are filled with characters that are near and dear to my heart, and my supreme wish is that you will feel the same way after you read about them.
My romantic mysteries contain an exciting array of love stories, different ages, different locations, even a few taking place in a different time. They are sweet romances, which means that even though those great feelings of attraction and passion as love builds between two people flow through my stories, you will not find any graphic descriptions of sexual interludes (and no graphic violence either, for that matter)on the page.
The list here includes short stories as well, a fun way to enjoy a romance when time is short.
New to the list are my new novels for middle grade students (grade 4-5-6), a series of touching and fun stories beginning with “Isabel the Invisible” in the series called “The Kids of Room 6A”, and a soon to appear mystery and adventure series set in 1890 Montana. Stay tuned!
I’m a teacher and family therapist as well as a writer. I truly believe that love, in all its forms, is what makes life worthwhile, and that is a lot of the motivation that keeps me writing. I hope you enjoy what you find here! I love to hear from readers. Contact me at



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