Eliza Builds – L.R. Ryan (The Eliza Books for Kids Who Like to Dream) volume 1


What a fabulous book for children, especially pre-readers and beginning readers. This books offers so much. You can read it to your child or your beginning reader can read it to you. There are questions, there are sight words, there are fun fonts, there are coloring pages in the back, there are even blank pages where your child can write their own story next to the page they colored. With over 15 years in the early childhood field, I am drawn to special books like this. It captures the child’s imagination and they’re learning without realizing it.  This is a winner!


L.R. Ryan delights young readers with stories that capture the imagination and feed the mind. Follow Eliza on her journeys and dreams, then let your child color their own version of the book. In this Eliza Dreams Book, Eliza builds towers and dreams of a future as an architect. She runs into some trouble with the choices she makes along the way, but her dreams are big, and that’s what counts!


L.R. Ryan is a romance novelist and creator of a collection of coloring books for grown-ups. She lives with her three young children, husband, and two dogs in Austin, TX and hopes to inspire your child to dream big!

To find more of the Eliza Dreams books, visit the author at:


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