SMOKE SCREEN by Emilie Richards (Tales of the Pacific, book 2)

This is a romance between two people who come together despite very different lives. They both have loved and suffered for it. That has caused them both to be suspicious and afraid of suffering again. Emilie Richards writes a very descriptive New Zealand culture.  Smoke Screen contains drama, family secrets, and suspense.  This is a story of seeking the truth, finding oneself, and trusting. It has very interesting characters. I loved seeing the different aspects of Paige – the cool, aloof, businesswoman, as well as the vulnerable, fragile woman who deep down needs family, love, and friendship. This is book 2 in Tales of the Pacific series. We have glimpses of book 1 characters Granger and Julianna as well as a snippet of Dillon (his book is next – Rainbow Fire). Eager to begin book 3.

Originally published in 1988, this is the second of four book Tales of the Pacific.

Book 1: Glowing Embers (Granger and Julianna)

Book 2: Smoke Screen (Paige and Adam)

Book 3: Rainbow Fire (Dillon and Kelsey)

Book 4: Out of the Ashes (Alexis and Matthew)

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