Morgan Randall is back in Chance, GA to help out his 16-year-old brother who is caught up in the local drug running business. He still had a chance to straighten out his life and Morgan is determined to give him that chance. Morgan’s undercover concentration is tempted by a girl he passed up 13 years ago. Skylar Hemmings is spending the summer waitressing at the Bar & Grill while home for the summer to help her mother. The flame is still there between the two, just the timing is wrong as it was all those years ago. Many characters from previous Men of the Badge books make appearances which I love to find in a series. Riley’s writing shows that she knows small Georgia town life and describes the settings so the reader feels like they are there. A good addition to the Men of the Badge series that has suspense/mystery with a side of 2nd chance romance.


Missed Chances takes Men of the Badge back to the small South Georgia town of Chance. Chance has everything that the big cities have – murder, burglaries and other crimes, but just not as much. It’s cute to look at, but hell once you lift up that small town layer of quaint – Morgan Randall. An elaborate drug-running operation bases itself in the rural area of Lassiter County. The small landing strips sprinkled among the farmland make Lassiter County a hotbed of drug smuggling. But when the drug runners pull Morgan’s sixteen-year-old brother into the mix, Morgan is forced to go undercover to dig out the head of the operation. That could put him or anyone he loves in the line of fire. A little inconvenient heat he once experienced with Skylar Hemmings flames up when they both find themselves in the town of Chance during one hot Southern summer. Will he be able to focus on his mission with the sexy Skylar so close?


“Never an ordinary day in Riley’s world, heroes and heroines must fight for what they want, what anybody deserves – love and the safety of the people they love.” Book 1 in the Men of Badge series is currently free on Amazon.com kindle version. Outside of the Men of the Badge series, Riley McKissack also has these3 books available: Deadly Undercurrents, Bayou Curse, and Storm Warnings.

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