The Intellectual Devotional


With the beginning of a New Year, I’m going back to a book that I started last year and didn’t keep up with. It’s The Intellectual Devotional by David S. Kidder & Noah D. Oppenheim. In short, it’s 365 daily lessons from the seven fields of knowledge. I’m looking forward to sitting down each evening and gaining new knowledge. Last year I didn’t make it a priority and the book got shoved aside. Add to the fact that I have it in print format and I’m more of a Kindle reader type of girl. I think that has more to do with the ease of reading from a Kindle vs with the print book I have to track down my reading glasses and have good lighting. With this books layout I feel the need to read from the print book. If I find myself slipping and not keeping up with the daily entries, then I will definitely buy the Kindle edition. I will post my review early January 2017. I am going to take straight from the book to explain this devotional:


Daily Devotionals have long been a favored tool of those looking for a regular dose of spiritual growth. Bedside volumes, read upon waking in the morning or before retiring at night, Devotionals consists of 365 exercises in learning and reflection. One easily digestible entry is tackled each day.

The Intellectual Devotional is a secular compendium in the same tradition. It is one year’s worth of daily reading that will refresh your spirit, stimulate your mind, and help complete your education. Each entry is drawn from a different field of knowledge: History, Literature, Visual Arts, Science, Music, Philosophy, and Religion. Read one passage a day and you will explore each subject once a week.

These readings offer the kind of regular exercise the brain requires to stay fresh, especially as we age. They represent an escape from the day-to-day grind into the rarefied realm of human wisdom. And, they will open new horizons of intellectual discovery.

A brief summary of the journey ahead…


A survey of people and events that shaped the development of Western civilization.


A look at great writers and a synopsis of their most important works-poems and novels that continue to inspire readers today.


An introduction to the artists and artistic movements that yielded the world’s most influential paintings, sculptures, and works of architecture.


From the origin of black holes to a description of how batteries work, the wonders of science are simplified and revealed.


What inspired our greatest composers, how to read a sheet of notes, and why Mozart is so revered-a comprehensive review of our musical heritage.


From ancient Greece to the twentieth century, the efforts of humankind’s greatest thinkers to explain the meaning of life and the universe.


An overview of the world’s major religions and their beliefs.

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