The Trouble with Christmas – Debbie Mason (book 1)

A fun read for the Christmas season!


The Trouble with Christmas (Christmas, Colorado) Debbie Mason  book1

From Publisher’s Weekly: “A resort planned for the little town of Christmas, Colo., would ruin its owners as well as the town, and developer Madison Lane has the hard numbers to prove it. Unfortunately, no one believes her, and she’s the Grinch who killed Christmas. Madison visits Christmas in an effort to fix the PR damage, meeting both angry townspeople and an extremely hot sheriff, Gage McBride. Romance ensues, but not before Madison is subjected to Gage’s relatives, at least three separate accusing mobs, and plenty of Christmas-themed problems. The lovers are sympathetic and well drawn. Gage’s beloved Aunt Nell and the Christmas-loving townsfolk of Christmas, however, may strike some readers as strange and intrusive rather than charmingly wacky. Still, debut author Mason will please fans of zippy small-town stories crowded with allegedly humorous incidents and steamy love scenes.”



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