I Want to Hold Your Hand – Marie Force, Green Mountain series, book 2

(review from June 2014)

I Want to Hold Your Hand is a incredibly beautiful story of love, loss and finding the courage to love again. Hannah Abbott, the main character, is caring, strong, and loving. It was wonderful to watch her slowly realize that she needed to move on from her husband’s death, to see how patient Nolan (a close, faithful, family friend) has been, and how much he loved her.  Nolan Roberts  also had to work thru own family secrets and is starting to settle it. I hope he has the closer in a future book. This is a wonderful romance filled with sadness, humor, and hot & steamy romance. Hannah’s diary entries at the beginning of each chapter are one of my favorite parts of the book.  Marie Force has said she put her heart & soul in this book and it shows. She has written a fabulous story that pulls all your emotions throughout.  It’s a story about the power of love, family, and picking yourself up and moving on while not forgetting or dishonoring your pass.  Marie’s writing makes me feel part of the town, if not part of the family. This is book 2 in the Green Mountain series. It can be read without reading book 1, but All You Need is Love is SO good you must read it too.  Pay attention to Colton whose story is book 3. Hunter and Ella too as their books follow and you get a peek into the upcoming stories.  If you love sweet romance stories with sexy, committed men and strong and independent women, you’ll love this book and the Green Mountain series.

NOTE: There is a bonus short story at the end of the print version of this book and can also be found on Marie’s website.

I was fortunate to be able to make a trip to Weston, VT for the book signing in 2014. The Vermont Country Store is amazing and I highly recommend a visit.

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