HEAT EXCHANGE – SHANNON STACEY (book 1 of Boston Fire)


Found it to be an ok read, nothing really stuck out for me. I’m not a big fan of the main character, Lydia. She has a lot of issues with her dad, brother, ex-husband, and life in general surrounded by the fire life. Lydia takes it out on her new relationship with Aiden. She continues to fall into his arms then says she’s not getting involved with another firefighter. She constantly spouts off about not coming second to the brotherhood yet continues to be with Aiden. Maybe I was put off on the secrets and lies. Yes, it was a forbidden love affair type story, but I felt they were acting much younger than their ages. That being said, I did like Shannon Stacey’s writing and will most likely try the 2nd book in the series.

2 thoughts on “HEAT EXCHANGE – SHANNON STACEY (book 1 of Boston Fire)

  1. Interesting. Would you recommend it? From the picture, it looks like a cheap romance novel lol. I admire you for picking it up and finishing it to share it with us:)
    If a book doesn’t capture me, I have a hard time continuing to read it.
    BTW, I also wanted to stop by and nominate you for the Liebster award! Post will be up on my blog soon:)

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  2. Nena, . This was a new to me author and I’ve heard wonderful things about her writing. I personally wouldn’t recommend it though it has received many good reviews. Just didn’t do much to capture my attention and I have quite a few books that are waiting for me to read. I received a free copy as an Early Reads from Goodreads/publisher so I felt I should finish it and leave a review. I do read a lot of romance but find I’m heading more to the romantic suspense genre and less of the graphic sex scenes and typical plot. Thanks for stopping by and for the nomination.


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