WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES – Brenda Novak (Whiskey Creek series, Book 1)


I have been meaning to read this story forever. I cannot believe that this gem of a book got buried in my Kindle. My push to read it – I won a signed copy of the paperback book from the publisher. If I receive a signed book, I feel I should read it right away. I mean, the author took the time to sign it, mail it, and give it to me for free so in turn, I should read it and review it. So worth it!

 When Lightning Strikes is a cute, fun read! I’m a big fan of contemporary romance set in small towns. The main characters are Gail and Simon. Gail is a responsible, straight-laced, small town girl now living in LA running her own PR Company. Simon is a rich, popular, sexy movie star who is self-destructing after a turbulent divorce. His acting-out and bad reputation is preventing him from seeing his son. Gail dropped Simon as a client because he was too much of a hassle. But when she got rid of Simon, most of her other clients left with him putting her business in jeopardy. In order for Gail to save her business and Simon to get a new, clean image and therefore have a shot of gaining custody of his son, they agree to a marriage of convenience. The courts and world will see Simon as a responsible, one women man, and a marriage to Hollywood A-Lister will help Gail grow her business again. She takes her new husband to her hometown, Whiskey Creek, to start on repairing his damage and away from all the temptations of Los Angeles. They have a job ahead of them to convince the town and the world that they belong together. Simon comes across as a jerk on the surface, but once you get to know his reasoning behind his actions you can’t help but love him. Gail is the independent heroine that knows what she wants in life and goes and gets it. But underneath that tough exterior she just wants to be loved. Their marriage was one of convenience and meant to help both of them get their lives back on track. Spending time together, they find that their perceptions of each other are way off and what slowly starts as a growing friendship turns into love. The secondary characters are interesting too. I look forward to reading more of this series.

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