STORM WARNINGS – Riley McKissack


“A hot island romance sweeps across Alissa Dumain with a passionate force. Can the desire that she and Ridge Moore feel for each other help them weather the coming storm?
If Heathcliff had been born in the Caribbean, this might have been his story. A banished son of the islands returns, seeking vengeance and retribution. Exiled from his island home as a boy, Ridge Moore is back, determined to wreak havoc on the man who destroyed his family.
Alissa Dumain, the woman he desires like no other, is in the way of his storm of hate. She is the daughter of his mortal enemy. As their passion heats to an explosive level, Ridge must decide which passion will rule his life, the desire for this woman, or the desire for revenge that has been the driving force in his life.”


A contemporary romance and a hotter read than Riley’s Men of the Badge series. Straight from book – “Their relationship was like a hurricane itself, on a wind driven ocean. Every time they recovered from one large wave, another swept in.” pretty much explains it. You watch as Ally realizes and understands what her father did in the past and watch the struggle Ridge has of his hatred of Ally’s father & desire for retaliation along with his continued desire for Ally.

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