BLUEGRASS DAWN – Kathleen Brooks


BLUEGRASS DAWN – Kathleen Brooks

A Bluegrass series single novella #2

It’s the late 1960’s in Keeneston and life is very tense for everyone. War consumes the news and young men prepare themselves for the draft. Jake Davies is fresh out of high school and head-over-heels in love. He’s known she’s the one since she hit him in the head with a cheese ball, but then his world crashes around him when his number is drawn in the draft. Marcy Faulkner’s home life has caused her a lot of grief. Her sheltered life is quickly turned upside down after a night in a jail cell with the very handsome Jake Davies. The spark is immediate and undeniable. Everything is perfect until one fateful night. Marcy stands by watching as Jake is delivered the news about the draft and knows this could make or break their entire lives together. With Jake’s deployment looming and Marcy’s parents being unsupportive, the young couple must fight to be together. Will their strong love endure the trials of war or will the enormous stress of the situation be too much for them to bear.


My review:

This book tells us about how Jake and Marcy Davies first met and married. Find out how everything from the Bluegrass series started including the Rose sisters, the Blossom Café, the B&B, the friendship of the Davies and Ashtons, the dreaded iron gift, John Wolfe, how the betting began, and how and why the Rose Sisters famous Sweet Tea first came to be. I fell more in love with the wonderful town and it’s residents. This novella really showcased how the Keeneston “family” pulls together and supports each other. I thought that the epilogue was just the prefect ending to this book. We get a check in on all our favorite family & friends. The grandchildren, I suspect, are really going to give their parents a run for their money keeping us entertained. I highly recommend this book, as well as this whole series. The series definitely shows how Jake & Marcy’s love has grown stronger and deeper. I simple adore Jake & Marcy. I’m going to do a reread of the series. They were always the backbone of the stories featuring their children but I’m pretty sure I’m going to find them more intriguing after reading this.

This was a beautiful love story.

About the Author

Kathleen Brooks is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author. Kathleen’s stories are romantic suspense featuring strong female heroines, humor, and happily-ever-afters. Her Bluegrass Series and follow-up Bluegrass Brothers Series feature small town charm with quirky characters that have captured the hearts of readers around the world. Kathleen is an animal lover who supports rescue organizations and other non-profit organizations, such as Friends and Vets Helping Pets, whose goals are to protect and save our four-legged family members. Kathleen also has a new series in called Women of Power. This series will follow the lives of successful businesswomen as they fight off dangers to their lives and careers while searching for true love. Email Notice of New Releases: Kathleen’s Website: Facebook Page: Twitter: Goodreads:

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