The Perfect Gift – Kathleen Brooks


THE PERFECT GIFT – Kathleen Brooks  Bluegrass Singles Novella #3

Nabi dedicated his life to learning the security trade from one of the best, Ahmed Mueez. After seventeen years, Nabi has established an amazing career as an elite soldier and investigator in the small town of Keeneston, Kentucky. However, his pursuit of the perfect career left him with little time to find love. He longs to start a family as he watches his mentor’s children, Abigail and Kale, come into their own. When Nabi wakes for yet another birthday alone, he decides it’s time to do something about it.

Kindergarten teacher Grace Duvall thought she’d never get a second chance at love. Just as she was ready to give up, fate stepped in. Fate, or Abigail Mueez as she’s known around Keeneston, has something else in mind for this sweet teacher. With a little help from Abby and her friends, a pitcher of spiked sweet tea, and some breaking and entering, will Nabi and Grace discover they are perfect for each other and get their own happily ever after?


My review:

The Perfect Gift – Kathleen Brooks

A Bluegrass Novella

I love the Kathleen Brooks Bluegrass series. The characters are funny & loving and the stories are heartwarming. They have small town charm and character. My only hiccup in this novella is that there were so many children mentioned (all the series previous character’s children). It was a bit distracting because I wanted to know who they belong to and where they fit in. I’m a reader that loves series and recurring characters. I pay attention to all characters mentioned because most likely they’re going to appear in an upcoming book. Otherwise, this was a fun, cute novella that Bluegrass series fans will enjoy.

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